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Wood County Virginia

Map of Va: Wood CountyWood County was formed in 1798 from the western part of Harrison County and it was named for James Wood, governor of Virginia from 1796 to 1799. In 1800 Kanawha gave land to Wood. In turn, Wood ceded land in the formation of several counties: Jackson (1831), Ritchie (1843), Wirt (1848 & 1863), Pleasants (1851).

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Wood County,Virginia 1810 Federal Census: A Transcription with index
John Vogt, 2010, x, 15 pp., 8x10 format, illustrations, maps, full name index. A faithful and accurate transcription of the first surviving census for this Virginia county.
To view a digital copy of the index to this book, visit Index-1810-Wood
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Wood Co. 1815 Directory of Landowners by Roger G. Ward. 2005. 25 pages, map, 5 1/2X8 1/2.
For a full description of the 1815 LAND DIRECTORY Records and a listing of available counties, see:
Individual County Booklets, 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners

Surnames in this county directory:
Adams; Albin; Alfin; Allen; Anderson; Anthony; Arnold; Ashford; Athey; Atkinson; Backus; Badgley; Baer; Bailey; Baldwin; Banks; Barnes; Barnett; Barr; Barrett; Bauman; Baun?; Bayley; Bealor; Beaty; Beauchamp; Beckwith; Beebe; Beers; Beeson; Bennett; Berkey; Blair; Bodkin; Boggs; Bogle; Boli; Booth; Bose; Brown; Brubaker; Buckner; Burroughs; Butcher; Butler; Caldwell; Campbell; Cane; Caplinger; Casshill; Chalmers; Chamberlain; Champlin; Chaplin; Chapman; Clark; Clibourn; Click; Cockrell; Coe; Coleman; Collins; Combs; Compton; Conrad; Conwell; Cook; Cooper; Coplin; Corbet; Coult; Cradlepaugh; Craig; Crain; Creel; Crissap; Cryer; Curtiss; Cutright; Davis; Davison; Dawkins; Deacon; DeBartholt; Deem; Dennyberger; Deputy; Dewey; Die; Dils; Dixon; Doddridge; Dotson; Douglass; Drake; Dubois; Dutton; Duvall; Dyar; Dye; Dyer; Eastburn; Eaton; Edelin; Enoch; Eskridge; Felison?; Ferry; Finnamore; Fisher; Foley; Forde; Foster; Foughty; Foulks; Fox; French; Gates; Gibbs; Gibson; Gill; Gillespie; Gilman; Gilman; Glaspy?; Glass; Glaze; Graham; Gray; Griffin; Griffith; Grove; Guard; Gulick; Hall; Hamilton; Hanaman; Hanaway; Hanson; Harris; Harrison; Harter; Hartshorn; Hartung; Harwood; Haymond; Heaton; Heft; Henderson; Hendrickson; Henry; Henshaw; Hervey; Hiatt; Hickman; Hill; Hines; Hodgdon; Holmes; Hopkings; Hopkins; Horst; House; Howdershill; Howell; Huff; Hugh; Hunt; Hunter; Husher; Huston; Hutchinson; Hyatt; Ingles; Irwin; Israel; Jackson; Jacobs; James; Jenkins; Jett; John; Johnson; Jones; Jordan; Keene; Keller; Kendle; Keys; Kimble; King; Kintcheloe; Kite; Lacy; Laidley; Lamb; Lamot; Lane; Langfit; Leach; Leachman; Lee; Lefavre; Lefever; Lennox; Lewellyn?; Lewis; Livingston; Lloyd; Lockhard; Lockhart; Lownes; Lowther; Lyons; Maddox; Madson; Mann; Marsh; Marshall; Martin; Mattsby; Mayberry; Maylor; McCall; McClain; McClelan; McClery; McClure; McCoul; McFarland; McGraw; McIves; McKervan; McKewan; McKinney; McMullen; McRae; Mealey; Melcher; Miller; Milrose; Mitchell; Mitchel; Mittany; Moor; Morehead; Morris; Morrison; Murdough; Naylor; Neale; Newell; Newkirk; Niesly; Norton; O'Finn; Ogden; Ogleby; OHarra; Owens; Owings; Owl; Page; Parrish; Patton; Payne; Pelph; Pennell; Pennybacker; Perine; Petty; Petzer; Phelps; Philips; Pilcher; Pittman; Pleasants; Polk; Post; Powers; Pratt; Preble; Prentiss; Price; Prince; Prindle; Proctor; Province; Pryor; Pugh; Purviance; Quarrier; Quimby; Radcliff; Ralph; Ralston; Randall; Rawson; Redford; Redman; Reede; Reeder; Renick; Renshaw; Richards; Richardson; Rigg; Rightmere; Riley; Ringgold; Robertson; Robinson; Rockhold; Rogers; Rohrer; Roquet; Rose; Rowson; Ruble; Rumney; Rush; Rutherford; Salstonstall; Samuels; Saunders; Saunderson; Savery; Say; Schultz; Scott; Selden; Serjeant; Shanklin; Sharp; Shearman; Shepherd; Simpson; Sims; Six; Skelton; Slate; Slusser; Smith; Snowden; Snyder; Spencer; Stanley; Starr; Steed; Stephens; Stephenson; Stevens; Stewart; Stoats; Stokely; Strobs; Sturgeon; Sutherland; Sweitzer; Switzer; Talbot; Tavener; Terrell; Terry; Thomas; Thornton; Tims; Tingle; Titmus; Tobin; Tomlinson; Topliff; Triplet; Triplett; Tudor; Turley; Turner; Uhl; Ulix; Van Braam; Van Ransselaur; Vandover; Vanmeter; Vanolara; Varden; Vought; Waddington; Walbridge; Waldon; Washbourn?; Washington; Watkins; Watson; Webster; Weld; Wells; West; Westfall; Wheat; Wheaton; White; Whittlesay; Williams; Williamson; Willis; Wills; Wilson; Winn; Wiseman; Wood; Woodbridge; Woods; Woodyard; Woolf; Woolfe; Worth; Young; and Zane;

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