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Virginia's 'Galvanized' Yankees

A LIST OF VIRGINIA'S GALVANIZED YANKEES, INCLUDING GALVANIZED TARS (Confederate Prisoners & Deserters who took the Oath of Allegiance and joined the Union Forces) compiled by Thomas M. Spratt. 8x11 144 pp.
As the war progressed and the Union prisoner of war camps continued to expand in numbers, the conditions steadily decreased within these facilities. Many of the Confederate prisoners held in these camps could no longer tolerate the close confinement and filthy conditions, and decided to grab the proverbial dangling carrot and take the Oath of Allegiance. Some of these men were recruited into the service of the Union. Galvanized Yankees was the term used to denote former Confederate prisoners of war who enlisted in the Union Army. These former Confederate soldiers served in the 1st thru the 6th regiments of the US Volunteer Infantry. The six regiments they formed were not associated with any specific state in the Union. It was believed that the ex-Confederate troops should not be used in combat areas where they might fight their former comrades. As a result, they served in the West where they they were used to quell the uprisings of the Plains Indians. They protected settlers form the Indians, restored stage and mail service, guarded survey parties for the Union Pacific Railroad, escorted supply trains and rebuilt telegraph lines.

Galvanized Tars is the term used for those Confederate prisoners who took the Oath and joined the Union Navy and Marine Corps.

The author has used the Compiled Service Records of all the Virginia regiments and miscellaneous units that served in the Confederate armed forces to apply these terms to, not only those former Confederate prisoners who took the Oath, but also those Confederates who deserted the Confederacy and took the oath and joined the Union armed forces. However, their Union Compiled Service Records are not included in this work.

Examples from Page 37---
JAMES A. FAINTER Enlisted 4/20/1861 in Company H, 4th Virginia Infantry Regiment. Absent without leave 10/1-11/2/1862. Taken prisoner of war 7/3/1863 at Gettysburg, PA. Took oath and joined US Army 1/25/1864.

WILLIAM T. FALLS Enlisted 2/22/1864 at Lynchburg, VA as a Private in Company H. 14th Virginia Infantry Regiment. Wouned in action 5/16/1864 at Drewrys Bluff, VA. In Chimborazo Hospital, Richmond, VA 5/17/1864. Returned to duty 6/20/1864. Taken prisoner of war 8/25/1864 in Chesterfield County, VA. Sent to Pt. Lookout Prison, Pt. Lookout, MD 8/27/1864. Took oath and joined US services 10/1864.

JAMES M. FARGUSON Enlisted 5/24/1861 at Whitmell as a Private in Company D, 38th Virginia infantry Regiment. Taken prisoner of war 7/3/1863 at Gettysburg, PA., sent to Ft. McHenry Prison, Baltimore. MD 7/6/1863, then sent to Ft. Delaware Prison, Ft. Delaware, DE, then sent to Pt. Lookout Prison, Pt. Lookout, MD 10/27/1863. Released 1/29/1864 and joined US services.

ISAAC FARMER Born in Grayson County, VA., on the 1860 Ashe County, NC census. Listed as a Private in Company D, 50th Virginia Infantry Regiment. In a Richmond. VA hospital 9/16- 10/22/1863. On a 45 day sick leave. Taken prisoner of war 5/12/1864 at Spotsylvania Court House, VA sent to Pt. Lookout Prison, Pt. Lookout, MD 5/18/1864. Enlisted 6/20/1864 in the US Army.

ROBERT H. FARRER Enlisted 5/16/1861 in Company H, 11th Virginia Infantry Regiment. Wounded in action 1862. Taken prisoner of war 7/3/1863 at Gettysburg, PA. Joined US services 5/1864.

JOHN B. FENTON Born 9/18/1839 in Limerick, Ireland, died 1/24/1922, came to the US 5/1854. Listed as a member of the 5th Virginia Cavalry Regiment. Enlisted 10/1862 at Charlottesville, VA in Company I, 11th Virginia Cavalry Regiment. Present 1/1-2/28/1863. Taken prisoner of war 7/5/1863 at Fairfield, PA, sent to Ft. McHenry Prison, Baltimore, MD 7/9/1863, sent to Ft. Delaware Prison, Ft. Delaware, DE 7/12/1863. Enlisted 9/18/1863 in Company F. 3rd Maryland Cavalry Regiment (US).

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