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Iberian Publishing Company's On-Line Catalog:
Virginia Men In Gray Interments
[vols. 14-20]

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MEN IN GRAY INTERMENTS, VOLUME XIV compiled by Thomas M. Spratt. 8˝x11 531 pp. Continuation of the series described in volume 1 above. This volume contains the following cemeteries:
Confederate Cemetery (Cont), Shenandoah Co.; Old Lynchburg Cemetery (Cont) Lynchburg, Va. Mt. Zion Cemetery (Cont), Loudoun Co.; Carter Cemetery, Lee Co.; Duff Cemetery, Lee Co.; Station Methodist Church Cemetery, Lee Co.; Crabtree Cemetery, Lee Co.; Sword Cemetery, Lee Co.; Corinth Baptist Church Cemetery, Lee Co.; Shelburne Cemetery, Lee Co.; Reasor, Lee Co.; Machincsburg Cemetery, Bland Co.; Bird Cemetery, Bland Co.; Sharon Cemetery, Bland Co.; Red Oak Cemetery, Bland Co.; Old Bethel Cemetery, Bland Co.; Old Methodist Cemetery, Lynchburg, Va Co.; Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery, King George Co.; Goss Cemetery, Albemarle Co.; Shepherd Cemetery, Albemarle Co.; Cemetery At Brightberry, Albemarle Co.; Head Cemetery, Albemarle Co.; Hamner Cemetery, Albemarle Co.; Rock Gate Cemetery, Albemarle Co.; Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Albemarle Co.; Brown Cemetery, Albemarle Co.; Lebanon Church Cemetery, Albemarle Co.; Hebron Lutheran Church Cemetery, Madison Co.; Rochelle Cemetery, Madison Co.; Rose Park Methodist Church Cemetery, Madison Co.; Kite Cemetery, Madison Co.; Wolftown Baptist Church Cemetery, Madison Co.; Cave Cemetery, Madison Co.; New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery, Madison Co.; Mt. Nebro Methodist Church, Madison Co.; Greasy Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Carroll Co.; Little Vine Cemetery, Carroll Co.; Gardner Cemetery, Carroll Co.; Collier Cemetery, Carroll Co.; Mt. Zion Church Cemetery, Carroll Co.; Oak Hill Cemetery, Carroll Co.; Dry Pond Cemetery, Carroll Co.; S. Bond Cemetery, Carroll Co.; Lindsey, Carroll Co.; J. Edwards Cemetery, Carroll Co.; Wolf Glade Methodist Church Cemetery, Carroll Co.; Carmel Church Cemetery, Caroline Co.; Mt. Carmel Church Cemetery, Caroline Co.; Palladin Baptist Church Cemetery, Caroline Co.; St. Peters Episcopal Church Cemetery, Caroline Co.; Cemetery At Rose Hill, Caroline Co.; Chandler Cemetery, Caroline Co.; Enon Baptist Church Cemetery, Caroline Co.; Cemetery At Hickory Grove, Caroline Co.; Cemetery At Santee, Caroline Co.; Cemetery At Walnut Hill, Caroline Co.; Cemetery At Chestnut Valley, Caroline Co.; Cemetery At Gaymont, Caroline Co.; Burruss Cemetery, Caroline Co.; St. Margarets Episcopal Church Cemetery, Caroline Co.; Cemetery At Montpelier, Caroline Co.; Pribble Cemetery, Campbell Co.; Brookneal Cemetery, Campbell Co.; Dowdy Cemetery, Campbell Co.; Wesleybury Methodist Church Cemetery, Campbell Co.; Cemetery At Otter, Campbell Co.; Anthony Cemetery, Campbell Co.; Hat Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Campbell Co.; Phillips Cemetery, Campbell Co.; Mt. Hebron Church Cemetery, Campbell Co.; Spiers Cemetery, Dinwiddie Co.; Leonard Cemetery, Dinwiddie Co.; Smyrna Baptist Church Cemetery, Dinwiddie Co.; I. Roney Cemetery, Dinwiddie Co.; Ocran Methodist Church Cemetery, Dinwiddie Co.; Asbury Methodist Church Cemetery, Dinwiddie Co.; Spain-Ford Cemetery, Dinwiddie Co.; Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Dinwiddie Co.; Sturdivant Cemetery, Dinwiddie Co.; Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery, Dinwiddie Co.; Trinity Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Buckingham Co.; Miles Cemetery, Buckingham Co.; Cemetery At Glebe, King George Co.; Cemetery At Cherry Point, King George Co.; Cemetery At Ellerslie, King George Co.; Montague Baptist Church Cemetery, King George Co.; Cemetery At Cedar Grove, King George Co.; St. Andrews Cemetery, King George Co.; Boyd Cemetery, Russell Co.; North Street Church Cemetery, Russell Co.; Jessee Cemetery, Russell Co.; Dickenson Cemetery, Russell Co.; Counts Cemetery, Russell Co.; Calmer, Russell Co.; Evans Cemetery, Russell Co.; White Cemetery, Russell Co.; Dudley Cemetery, King and Queen Co.; Plain Dealing Cemetery, King and Queen Co.; Parish Cemetery, King and Queen Co.; Old Methodist Church Cemetery, King and Queen Co.; Mattaponi Baptist Church Cemetery, King and Queen Co.; Marston Cemetery, King and Queen Co.; Poroporne Church Cemetery, King and Queen Co.; Exol Baptist Church Cemetery, King and Queen Co.; Shepherds Methodist Church Cemetery, King and Queen Co.; Payne Cemetery, Henry Co.; Eanes Cemetery, Henry Co.; Eggleton Cemetery, Henry Co.; Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Fauquier Co.; Old Ketoctin Cemetery, Fauquier Co.; Greenwich Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Fauquier Co.; Downing Cemetery, Fauquier Co.; Cross Cemetery, Henrico Co.; New Bridge Baptist Church Cemetery, Henrico Co.; Hardy Central Baptist Church Cemetery, Henrico Co.; Hopkins Cemetery, Henrico Co.; Tyler Cemetery, Henrico Co.; Lawrence Cemetery, Henrico Co.; Cauthorn Cemetery, Henrico Co.; Independence Church Cemetery, Henrico Co.; Dean Cemetery, Rockingham Co.; Elkton Cemetery, Rockingham Co.; St. James Methodist Church Cemetery, Augusta Co.; Brethren Church Cemetery, Rockingham Co.; Pleasant Hill Lutheran Church Cemetery, Augusta Co.; Frazier Cemetery, Augusta Co.; Methodist Church Cemetery, Augusta Co.; St. Johns Episcopal Church Cemetery, Richmond, Va. Odd Fellows Cemetery, Hampton, Va. Branchs Baptist Church Cemetery, Richmond, Va. Mt. Hope Cemetery, Richmond, Va. Thacker Cemetery, Orange Co.; Rhoadesville Baptist Church Cemetery, Orange Co.; Winslow Cemetery, Orange Co.; Cemetery At Piedmont, Orange Co.; Davis Cemetery, Orange Co.; Salem Methodist Protestant Church Cemetery, Prince George Co.; Cummings Cemetery, Prince George Co.; Healy Cemetery, West Point, Va. Merchants Hope Church Cemetery, Prince George Co.; Sunny Slpe Cemetery, West Point, Va. City Cemetery, West Point, Va. Marks Cemetery, Prince George Co.; Z. Counts Cemetery, Dickinson Co.; City Cemetery, Dickinson Co.; Kiser Cemetery, Dickinson Co.; Cemetery At The Shooting Box, King William Co.; Mt. Zoar Ghurch Cemetery, King William Co.; Leftwich Cemetery, King William Co.; Belches Cemetery, Sussex Co.; Dobie Cemetery, Sussex Co.; Town Cemetery, Sussex Co.; Waverly Cemetery, Sussex Co.; Jordan Cemetery, Sussex Co.; Stephenson Cemetery, Sussex Co.; Harrison Cemetery, Sussex Co.; Spring Hill Christian Church Cemetery, Sussex Co.; Newville Baptist Church Cemetery, Sussex Co.; Longomar Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Braithwaite Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Shipp Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Ward Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Williams Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Dam Neck Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Morse Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Chesapeake Memorial Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Londonbridge Baptist Church Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Bonney Square Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Charity Methodist Church Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Fentress Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Rogers Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Brymes Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Nicholas Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Dudley Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Emmanuel Episcopal Church Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Fentress Cemetery, Virginia Beach, Va. Ellis-Watson-Henly-Beahm Cemetery, Amherst Co.; Morris-Watts Cemetery, Amherst Co.; C. Turner Cemetery, Amherst Co.; Lawman-Stinnett Cemetery, Amherst Co.; Cemetery At Sunnyside, Amherst Co.; Watts Cemetry, Amherst Co.; Thornton Cemetery, Amherst Co.; Davis-Phillips Cemetery, Amherst Co.; Massie Cemetery, Amherst Co.; Gillespie Cemetery, Amherst Co.; Alto Cemetery, Amherst Co.; Cemetery At Round Top, Amherst Co.; Bibb-Foster Cemetery, Amherst Co.; Martin-McGraw Cemetery, Amherst Co.; Haw Orchard Baptist Church Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Pugh, Grayson Co.; Perkins-Williams Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Lebanon Methodist Church Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Patton Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Cox Chapel Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Osborne Fort Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Whitetop Baptist Church Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Bridle Creek Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Wright Cemetery, Grayson Co.; B. Spencer Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Sutherland Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Episcopal Church Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Town Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Atkins Memorial Methodist Church Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Ballard Cemetery, Grayson Co.; Skinner Cemetery, Loudoun Co.; Locust Grove Cemetery, King and Queen Co.; Drakes Branch Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Charlotte Co.; Midway Baptist Church Cemetery, Charlotte Co.; Wyliesburg Baptist Church Cemetery, Charlotte Co.; N. Edmunds Cemetery, Charlotte Co.; Roxabell Cemetery, Charlotte Co.; Thornton Cemetery, Charlotte Co.; Cemetery At Cliffside, Charlotte Co.; Friends Cemetery, Charlotte Co.; Marshall Cemetery, Charlotte Co.; Keyeville Cemetery, Charlotte Co.; Rogers Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery, Charlotte Co.; Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church Cemetery, Charlotte Co.; Hickman Cemetery, Pulaski Co.; Cecils Chapel Cemetery, Pulaski Co.; Mountain View United Methodist Church Cemetery, Pulaski Co.; Newbern Cemetery, Pulaski Co.; Andrews Cemetery, Pulaski Co.; Ashworth Cemetery, Pulaski Co.; Tipton Cemetery, Pulaski Co.; Millirons Cemetery, Pulaski Co.; Stewart Methodist Church Cemetery, Pulaski Co.; Cemetery At Fancy Hill, Pulaski Co.; Ramoth Baptist Church Cemetery, Stafford Co.; French-Fitzhugh Cemetery, Stafford Co.; Highland Cemetery, Pulaski Co.; Mt. Ararat Baptist Church Cemetery, Stafford Co.; Ball Cemetery, Stafford Co.; Lunsbord Cemetery, Stafford Co.; Roseland Cemetery, Northumberland Co.; Henderson United Methodist Church Cemetery, Northumberland Co.; Coan Baptist Church Cemetery, Northumberland Co.; Gibson Baptist Church Cemetery, Northumberland Co.; Blundon, Northumberland Co.; Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery, Northumberland Co.; Corinth United Methodist Church Cemetery, Northumberland Co.; Dodson Cemetery, Northumberland Co.; Betts Cemetery, Northumberland Co.; Rappahannock Baptist Church Cemetery, Northumberland Co.; Wharton Cemetery, Westmoreland Co.; Cemetery At Loxley Hall, Northumberland Co.; Fairfield Baptist Church Cemetery, Northumberland Co.; Melrose Church Cemetery, Northumberland Co.; Richardson Cemetery, Northumberland Co.; Yeocomico Episcopal Church Cemetery, Westmoreland Co.; Kinsale United Methodist Church Cemetery, Westmoreland Co.; St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery, Northumberland Co.; Wright Cemetery, Westmoreland Co.; Ephesus Christian Church Cemetery, Westmoreland Co.; Methodist Church Cemetery, Westmoreland Co.; Popes Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Westmoreland Co.; Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Westmoreland Co.; Bruinington Church Cemetery, Westmoreland Co.; Andrew Chapel Church Cemetery, Westmoreland Co.; St. Pauls Episcopal Church Cemetery, Westmoreland Co.; Sandy Valley Baptist Church Cemetery, Westmoreland Co.; Grant Methodist Church Cemetery, Westmoreland Co.; Blankenship-Womack-Wilkinson Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Piney Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Comer-Harvey Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Slayton-Hankins Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Z. L. Dallas Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Samuel Harris Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Bennett Farm Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Carter Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Dodson-Clark Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Stimson-Wiles Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Townes-Turner Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Conway Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Wall Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Marshall-Clark Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Cardwell-Herndon Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Rowland-Keen Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co.; Davis Cemetery, Wythe Co.; Galena Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Wythe Co.; Conner Cemetery, Wythe Co.; Sanders Cemetery, Wythe Co.; Hollandsworth Cemetery, Wythe Co.; Gate City Cemetery, Scott Co.; Nickelsville Baptist Church Cemetery, Scott Co.; Estill Cemetery, Scott Co.; Rye Cove Cemetery, Scott Co.; McNeill Cemetery, Scott Co.; Flagpond, Scott Co.; Carter Cemetery, Scott Co.; Allen Cemetery, Scott Co.; Estep Cemetery, Scott Co.; Rhoton-Hill Station Cemetery, Scott Co.; Catron Cemetery, Scott Co.; McNew Cemetery, Scott Co.; Hall Cemetery, Scott Co.; Rogers Cemetery, Scott Co.; Jessee Cemetery, Scott Co.; Cowden Cemetery, Scott Co.; Goode Cemetery, Scott Co.; Taylor Cemetery, Scott Co.; Ervin Cemetery, Scott Co.; Wolfe Cemetery, Scott Co.; Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery, Halifax Co.; Halifax Cemetery, Halifax Co.; Scottsburg Baptist Church Cemetery, Halifax Co.; Guill Cemetery, Halifax Co.; Rudder Cemetery, Halifax Co.; Episcopal Chapel Cemetery, Halifax Co.; Cemetery At Greens Folly, Halifax Co.; Churchland Baptist Church Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. St. Marys Catholic Church Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Forest Lawn Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Good Hope Methodist Church Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Cutherell Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Wilson Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Charlton Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Randolph Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Norfolk City Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Selden Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Confederate Grave, Norfolk, Va. Episcopal Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Bond Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Berea Christian Church Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Eason Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Greenwood Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Hebrew Cemetery, Norfolk, Va. Edwards Cemetery, Mathews Co.; Cemetery At Providence, Mathews Co.; Diggs Cemetery, Mathews Co.; Williams Cemetery, Mathews Co.; Forrest Cemetery, Mathews Co.; Kinston Episcopal Church Cemetery, Mathews Co.; Horn Harbor Cemetery, Mathews Co.; Haynes Cemetery, Mathews Co.; Richardson Cemetery, Mathews Co.; James Cemetery, Mathews Co.; Locust Grove Methodist Church, Mathews Co.; Milford Cemetery, Mathews Co.; Emmanus Church Cemetery, Mathews Co.; Hundley Cemetery, Mathews Co.; Smith-Barnard Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Spangler Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Ogle Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Tuggles Gap Community Church Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Mt. View Methodist Church Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Wayside Church Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Cobb-Bowles Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Center Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Tyler-Hubbard Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Patrick Co.; W. Baldwin Cemetery, Patrick Co.; I. Barnard Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Clifton-Cockran-Wood Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Cassell-Smith Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Bowman-Craddock Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Stuart Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Creasy-Hall Cemetery, Patrick Co.; J. Conner Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Cooper Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Robertson Cemetery, Patrick Co.; A. Penn Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Ayers-Sutliff Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Reed Island Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Doe Run Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Newbern Cemetery, Patrick Co.; DeHart-Mabry Cemetery, Patrick Co.; McCabe-Staples Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Shelor-Reynolds-Webb Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Helms Cemetery, Patrick Co.; Weaver Cemetery, Washington Co.; St. Anns Catholic Church Cemetery, Washington Co.; Fleenor Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery, Washington Co.; G. Fleenor Cemetery, Washington Co.; Ratcliffe Cemetery, Washington Co.; Old Glade Cemetery, Washington Co.; Old Glade Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Washington Co.; Cold Spring Cemetery, Washington Co.; Rock Spring Cemetery, Washington Co.; Aston Cemetery, Washington Co.; Tool Cemetery, Washington Co.; Blackwells Chapel Cemetery, Washington Co.; Wolfe Cemetery, Washington Co.; Old Baptist Cemetery, Washington Co.; Tate Cemetery, Washington Co.; Scott Cemetery, Washington Co.; Mendota Cemetery, Washington Co.; Bethel, Washington Co.; Clark Cemetery, Washington Co.; Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Washington Co.; Smyth Cemetery, Washington Co.; Smyths Chapel Church Cemetery, Washington Co.; T. McCullough Cemetery, Washington Co.; Poston Cemetery, Washington Co.; Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington Co.; Moore Cemetery, Washington Co.; Washington Chapel Cemetery, Washington Co.; Warren Cemetery, Washington Co.; Greenfield Cemetery, Washington Co.; Green Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Washington Co.; Walnut Grove Cemetery, Washington Co.; Montgomery Cemetery, Washington Co.; Mahanain Cemetery, Washington Co.; Davis Cemetery, Washington Co.; Cemetery At Edgehill, Washington Co.; Kellys Chapel Cemetery, Washington Co.; Boydton Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Friendship Cemetery, Washington Co.; Gregory Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Bowers Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Cook Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Simmons Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Yancy Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Oliver Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Mt. Horeb Baptist Church Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Burwell-Hamlin Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Woods-Collins-Harris Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Cunningham Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Olive Branch Baptist Church Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Overby-Holt-Shelton Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Overby Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Coleman Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Rehoboth Church Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co.; Chinn Cemetery, Stafford Co.; Beylor Cemetery, Page Co.; Lucas-Stoneberger Cemetery, Page Co.; Keyser Cemetery, Page Co.; Rickard Cemetery, Page Co.; Moyer Cemetery, Page Co.; Buracker Cemetery, Page Co.; Rickard Cemetery, Page Co.; P. Printz Cemetery, Page Co.; G. Printz Cemetery, Page Co.; Bailey Cemetery, Page Co.; J. H. Gray Cemetery, Page Co.; Cubbage, Page Co.; Southard Cemetery, Page Co.; McAlister Cemetery, Page Co.; Purdom Cemetery, Page Co.; Cullers Cemetery, Page Co.; Weatherholt Cemetery, Page Co.; Neuman Cemetery, Page Co.; Houser Cemetery, Page Co.; Jones Cemetery, Page Co.; Cave Cemetery, Page Co.; Mayes Cemetery, Page Co.; Painter Cemetery #3, Page Co.; Shenk-Cliser Cemetery, Page Co.; Brumback Cemetery, Page Co.; Henderson Cemetery, Page Co.; S. Sours Cemetery, Page Co.; Knicely-Huffman Cemetery, Page Co.; Brubaker Cemetery, Page Co.; Somers Cemetery, Page County.

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MEN IN GRAY INTERMENTS, VOLUME XV compiled by Thomas M. Spratt. 8˝x11. Continuation of the series described in volume 1 above. This volume contains the following cemeteries:
Big Island Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Academy Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Greenwood Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Saunders Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Calvert Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Pryors Methodist Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Barnshart Baptist Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Mead Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Wheat Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Elpis Church Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Goochland Church Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Woodlawn Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Isbell Cemetery, Goochland Co.; James Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Mt Olivet Methodist Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Wllson Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Thomas Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Sheppard Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Seay Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Gathright Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Walder-Waldrop Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Thurston Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Gathright Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Wodson Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Newport Cemetery, Giles Co.; Sunrise Memorial Gardens, Giles Co.; Lybrook Cemetery, Giles Co.; French-Mason Cemetery, Giles Co.; Day Cemetery, Giles Co.; Pearis Cemetery, Giles Co.; Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery, Giles Co.; Staffordsville Cemetery, Giles Co.; Eastside Cemetery, Giles Co.; Adair Cemetery, Giles Co.; Hare Cemetery, Giles Co.; Patmos Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Shiloh Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Fairmont Cemetery, Bedford Co.; St Stephens Episcopal Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Key-Phelps Cemetery, Bedford Co.; McManaway Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Hickory Grove Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Thomas Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Tandy-Key-Jones Cemetery, Bedford Co.; McManaway Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Hagerman Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Burford Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Hardy Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Martin Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Beard Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Ashwell Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Wright Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Wright Cemetery #2, Bedford Co.; Presbyterian Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Cemetery At Clifton, Bedford Co.; Walker Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Plymate Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Mentow Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Stoneroad Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Patterson Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Robinson Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Dickerson Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Primitive Baptlst Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Ferguson Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Saunders-Turner Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Montvale Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Tompkins Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Morgans Baptist Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Timber Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Robertson Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Parrish Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Grange Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Watson Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Arrington Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Meade Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Andrews Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Blue Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Barnham Baptist Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Rusher Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Teass Cemetery, Bedford Co.; J Morgan Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Longmount Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Johnson Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Payne Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Old Morgan Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Kelso Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Hawkins Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Falls Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Stewartsville Methodist Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Dickerson Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Thompson Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Birchlawn Cemetery, Giles Co.; Wesleys Chapel Cemetery, Giles Co.; Beaver Dam Baptist Church Cemetery, Bedford Co.; Bacon Cemetery, Giles Co.; Martin Cemetery, Giles Co.; Flllinger Cemetery, Giles Co.; White Cemetery, Giles Co.; White Gate Cemetery, Giles Co.; Boyd Cemetery, Giles Co.; Thessalia Church Cemetery, Giles Co.; Johnston Cemetery, Giles Co.; Carper Cemetery, Giles Co.; Early-Payne Cemetery, Giles Co.; Douthat Cemetery, Giles Co.; Caldwell Cemetery, Giles Co.; Eaton Cemetery, Giles Co.; Croy Cemetery, Giles Co.; Wybrook Cemetery, Giles Co.; Payne Cemetery, Giles Co.; Stinson Cemetery, Giles Co.; Clover Hollow Cemetery, Giles Co.; Pack Cemetery, Giles Co.; Snidow Peck Cemetery, Giles Co.; First Bane Cemetery, Giles Co.; Westminster Chapel Cemetery, Bath Co.; Burnsville Cemetery, Bath Co.; Healing Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Bath Co.; Rocky Ridge Cemetery, Bath Co.; Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bath Co.; Bratton Cemetery, Bath Co.; Lyle Chapel Cemetery, Bath Co.; Williamsville Cemetery, Bath Co.; George Cleek Cemetery, Bath Co.; Mt Mary Cemetery, Bath Co.; Green Valley Cemetery, Bath Co.; Windy Cove Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Bath Co.; Jones Cemetery, Bath Co.; Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Bath Co.; Upper Creek Cemetery, Bath Co.; Cleek Cemetery, Bath Co.; Doyle Cemetery, Bath Co.; Jackson Cemetery, Bath Co.; Revercomb Cemetery, Bath Co.; Stoney Run Church Cemetery, Bath Co.; Rehobeth Church Cemetery, Bath Co.; Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Shaner-Deyerle Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; St Andrews Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Hatcher-Goodwin-Chapman Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Grice-Woods Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; West Hill Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Baldwin-Huff Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Lowry-Sears Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Turner-Day Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Sears Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Church Hill Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Wertz-Carter-Gates Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; King Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Kefauver Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Hall Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Campbell Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Morgan Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Sherwood Burial Park, Roanoke Co.; Mays Cemetery #1, Roanoke Co.; Jordan Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Hartman Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Speedwell Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Crawford Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Hofawger Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Greenwood Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Denton Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Burns-Mays Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Tayloe Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Walters Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Cemetery At Fotheringay, Montgomery Co.; Lafayette Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Craig Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; West View Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; J Barnett Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Auburn Community College, Montgomery Co.; Den Hill Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; King Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Alleghany Springs Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Cemetery At Smithfield, Montgomery Co.; Christiansburg Municipal Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Wharton Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Correll Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Radford Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; New Hope Church Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Old Hale Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Bell-Correll Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Lester Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Old Correll Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Harless Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Plunkett Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Wood-Hudgins Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Shelburn Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Corinth Church Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Auburn Baptist Church Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Perkins Church Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Greenwood Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Griffith Mills Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Mills Cemetery #1, Goochland Co.; Oakland Church Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Mountain View Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Rigsby Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Nuckols Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Cemetery At Reed Marsh, Goochland Co.; Pannill Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Cemetery At Sunnyside Farm, Goochland Co.; Ragland Grave, Goochland Co.; Cemetery At Parsons Plantation, Goochland Co.; Ragland Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Carter Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Ransone-Parrish Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Ragland Memorial Church Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Cosby Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Griffith-Mills Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Jennings Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Johnson-Powers Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Knibb Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Layne Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Cemetery At Oakley, Goochland Co.; Alvis-Richmond Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Bolling Hall Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Branch Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Brooking-Rutherford Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Byrd Church Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Cocke Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Crowder Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Emmaus Church Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Ford Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Massie Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Mannsville Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Longwood Cemetery (AKA Rebel Hill Cemetery), Goochland Co.; Lewis Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Watts Cemetery, Roanoke Co.; Graham Cemetery (Cont), Orange Co.; Providence Cemetery (Cont), Mathews Co.; Round Oak Baptist Church Cemetery, Carolina Co.; Thornsprings United Methodist Church Cemetery, Pulaski Co.; East End Cemetery (Cont), Wythe Co.; Oak Ridge Cemetery (Cont), Halifax Co.; Rogers Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Halifax Co.; Trinity Church Cemetery (Cont), Mathews Co.; Pear Tree Cemetery (Cont), Mathews Co.; St Pauls Cemetery (Cont), Mathews Co.; Christ Church Cemetery (Cont), Mathews Co.; Andew Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery, Fairfax Co.; Arlington National Cemetery (Cont), Arlington, VA; Mt Zion Church Cemetery (Cont), Smyth Co.; Lovettsville Cemetery (Cont), Loudoun Co.; Horse Pasture Christian Church Cemetery (Cont), Henry Co.; Greenwood Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Smyth Co.; Crooked Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Unionville Christian Church Cemetery (Cont), Orange Co.; Waddell Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont), Orange Co.; North Fork Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Halifax Co.; Bowles Cemetery #3, Goochland Co.; Bowles Cemetery #2, Goochland Co.; Trice Cemetery #2, Goochland Co.; Tuck Cemetery, Goochland Co.; Tuck-Hite-Wilkins Cemetery, Halifax Co.; Confederate Graveyard (Cont), Fairfax Co.; Fairview Cemetery (Cont), Roanoke Co.; Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont), Albemarle Co.; Oakwood Cemetery (Cont), Charlottesville, VA; Moores Swamp Church Cemetery (Cont), Surry Co.; Hill Cemetery (Cont), Gloucester Co.; Newington Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Gloucester Co.; Singleton Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Gloucester Co.; Providence Cemetery (Cont), Gloucester Co.; Mt Hermon Baptist Church Cemetery, Chesterfield Co.; Pohick Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont), Fairfax Co.; Mt Olivet Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont), Albemarle Co.; Ware Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont), Gloucester Co.; Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Gloucester Co.; Bellamy Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Gloucester Co.; Copps Cemetery (Cont), Botetourt Co.; Amherst City Cemetery (Cont), Amherst, VA; Cool Spring Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Fauquier Co.; Massey Cemetery (Cont), Orange Co.; Riverview Cemetery (Cont), Waynesboro, VA; Village Church Cemetery (Cont), Charlotte Co.; Bethel Church Cemetery (Cont), Charlotte Co.; Roanoke City Cemetery (Cont), Roanoke, VA; Mountain View Cemetery (Cont), Roanoke Co.; Kite Cemetery #2, Page Co.; Hardware Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Albemarle Co.; Slate Hill Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Albemarle Co.; Eastern Shore Cemetery (Cont), Virginia Beach, VA; Oakwood Cemetery (Cont), Brunswick Co.; Swansonville Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Pittsylvania Co.; Wesleys Chapel Cemetery (Cont), Fluvanna Co.; Seays Chapel Cemetery (Cont), Fluvanna Co.; Bybees Road Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Fluvanna Co.; Mt Horeb Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont), Augusta Co.; Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont), Augusta Co.; Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont), Augusta Co.; Green Hill Cemetery (Cont), Augusta Co.; St Pauls Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont), King George Co.; Cemetery At Marmion (Cont), King George Co.; Trinity Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), King George Co.; Roanoke (City) Cemetery (Cont), Roanoke, VA ; Wachepeauge Cemetery (Cont), Accomack Co.; Walkers Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Madison Co.; Mt Zion Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Bedford Co.; St Thomas Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont), Bedford Co.; Walnut Grove Church Cemetery (Cont), Bedford Co.; Crown Hill Cemetery (Cont), Alleghany Co.; Ash Camp Church Cemetery (Cont), Charlotte Co.; Old Cub Creek Cemetery (Cont), Charlotte Co.; Salem United Methodist Church Ceemtery (Cont), Fluvanna Co.; Red Hill Cemetery (Cont), Fluvanna Co.; C E Jones Memorial Garden (Cont), Fluvanna Co.; Haden Cemetery (Cont), Fluvanna Co.; Critz Cemetery (Cont), Patrick Co.; Rocky Hock Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Surry Co.; Oakwood Cemetery (Cont), Surry Co.; Snead Cemetery (Cont), Fluvanna Co.; Cemetery At Bacons Castle (Cont), Surry Co.; Hutchison Cemetery (Cont), Prince William Co.; Fort Pocahontas Cemetery, Charles City Co.; Reliance United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Warren Co.; Rockland Community Cemetery (Cont), Warren Co.; Howellsville Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Warren Co.; Marshall Cemetery (Cont), Warren Co.; Stokes Cemetery (Cont), Warren Co.; Bennetts Chapel Cemetery, Warren Co.; Randolph Cemetery, Warren Co.; Miller Cemetery (Cont), Warren Co.; Jetersville Methodist Church Cemetery, Amelia Co.; Moores Methodist Church Cemetery, Amelia Co.; Warm Springs Cemetery, Bath Co.; Halls United Methodist Church Cemetey (Cont), Montgomery Co.; Sunset Cemetery, Montgomery Co.; Woodland Church Cemetery (Cont), Bath Co.; Jacob Cleek Cemetery (Cont), Bath Co.; Massey Cemetery (Cont), Spotsylvania Co.; Beaver Dam Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Fluvanna Co.; Thomas Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Cumberland Co.; Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Spotsylvania Co.; St Georges Episcopal Church Cemetert (Cont), Fredericksburg, VA; Piedmont Christian Church Cemetery (Cont), Albemarle Co.; Atkinson Cemetery (Cont), Pittsylvania Co.; Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Pittsylvania Co.; Crowder Cemetery (Cont), Brunswick Co.; Jonesboro Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Nelson Co.; Mt Zion Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Rockbridge Co.; Advent Church Cemetery (Cont), Rockbridge Co.; Ludwick Cemetery (Cont), Rockbridge Co.; Hillsboro Cemetery (Cont), Loudoun Co.; Abingdon Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont), Gloucester Co.; Benlah Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Gloucester Co.; Petsworth Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Gloucester Co.; Pamplin Cemetery (Cont), Appomattox Co.; Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Appomattox Co.; Stiff Cemetery (Cont), Bedford Co.; Mt Hermon Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Caroline Co.; Belle Haven Cemetery (Cont), Northampton Co.; Union Cemetery (Cont), Halifax Co.; Zion Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Washington Co.; Cool Spring Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Hanover Co.; St Pauls Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont), Alexandria, VA; Green Lawn Cemetery (Cont), Newport News, VA; Lewinsville Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont), Fairfax Co.; Cranford Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Fairfax Co.; St Marys Roman Catholic Church Cemetery (Cont), Alexandria, VA; Fairview Cemetery (Cont), Culpeper Co.; Beaver Dam Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Southampton Co.; Leemont Cemetery (Cont), Danville, VA; Oakwood Cemetery (Cont), Henry Co.; Dover Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Goochland Co.; University of Virginia Cemetery (Cont), Charlottesville, VA; St James Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont), Smyth Co.; Bethany Church Cemetery (Cont), Caroline Co.; Fletchers Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), King George Co.; Marshall Cemetery (Cont), Fauquier Co.; New Dublin Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont), Pulaski Co.; Hebrew Cemetery (Cont), Richmond, VA; Emmanuel Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont), Henrico Co.; Ebenezer Church Cemetery (Cont), Smyth Co.; Sharon Cemetery (Cont), Fauquier Co.; Hunting Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Halifax Co.; Ebenezer Cemetery (Cont), Loudoun Co.; Willow Hill Moravian Church Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Mt Bethel Moravian Church Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Segar Cemetery (Cont), Stafford Co.; Oak Level Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont), Halifax Co.; St Johns Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont), Halifax Co.; Spring Hill Cemetery (Cont), Lynchburg, VA; Old Chapel Cemetery (Cont), Clarke Co.; Crooked Creek Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Oglesby Cemetery (Cont), Wythe Co.; Shady Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Halifax Co.; Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Mecklenburg Co.; Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Mecklenburg Co.; Hagy Cemetery (Cont), Washington Co.; Dublin Cemetery (Cont), Pulaski Co.; Enon Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Essex Co.; Mt Paran Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Nelson Co.; Kimberling Cemetery (Cont), Wythe Co.; Ft Chiswell Cemetery (Cont), Wythe Co.; Mt View Cemetery (Cont), Wythe Co.; Coleman-Gatewood-Martin Cemetery (Cont), Pittsylvania Co.; Centenary Burial Association Cemetery (Cont), Amherst Co.; Browns Cemetery (Cont), Amherst Co.; Campbell Cemetery (Cont), Amherst Co.; Mead Cemetery (Cont), Amherst Co.; Robinson Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Old Quaker Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Woodlawn Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Nimmo Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Virginia Beach, VA; Willowood Cemetery (Cont), Virginia Beach, VA; Crockett-Bandy Cemetery (Cont), Roanoke Co.; Evergreen Cemetery (Cont), Roanoke Co.; Catawba Cemetery (Cont), Roanoke Co.; Hutfman Cemetery (Cont), Craig Co.; Ross Cemetery (Cont), Craig Co.; Brubaker-Huffman Cemetery (Cont), Roanoke Co.; Gethsemane Church of Christ Cemetery (Cont), Hanover Co.; Smyrna Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Amherst Co.; Mt Olivet Church Cemetery (Cont), Rockingham Co.; Mt Zion Church Cemetery (Cont), Augusta Co.; Dayton Cemetery, Rockingham Co.; Butterwood Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Dinwiddie Co.; Cross-Terrell Cemetery (Cont), Henrico Co.; Mill Creek Cemetery (Cont), Botetourt Co.; Adial Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Nelson Co.; Rhodes Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Nelson Co.; Rock Springs United Methodist Church Cemetery, Nelson Co.; Centenary United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont), Nelson Co.; Dovel Cemetery #2, Page Co.; Kibler Cemetery #2, Page Co.; Capeville Masonic Cemetery (Cont), Northampton Co.; Sharon Union Church Cemetery (Cont), Alleghany Co.; Maysville Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont), Buckingham Co.; Miller Cemetery #2 (Cont), Page Co.; Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont), Wythe Co.; Olive Branch Cemetery (Cont), Wythe Co.; Grubb Cemetery (Cont), Wythe Co.; Ivy Hill Cemetery (Cont), Alexandria, VA; St Johns Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont), King George Co.; Potomac Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), King George Co.; Greenhill Cemetery (Cont), Rockbridge Co.; Falling Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont), Rockbridge Co.; Oakwood Cemetery (Cont), Falls Church, VA; Chatham Hill Cemetery (Cont), Smyth Co.; Hylton Cemetery (Cont), Patrick Co.; Ayres-Brammer-DeHart-Weaver Cemetery (Cont), Patrick Co.; Via Cemetery (Cont), Patrick Co.; Meadows of Dan Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Patrick Co.; Cornwell Cemetery (Cont), Fauquier Co.; Blanton Cemetery, Caroline Co.; Beazley Cemetery #2, Caroline Co.; Donahoe Chapel Cemetery, Caroline Co.; Salem Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont), Caroline Co.; Wright Cemetery #3, Caroline Co.; Wright Cemetery (Cont), Caroline Co.; Wright Cemetery #2, Caroline Co.; Jennings Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Flower Gap Church Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Marshall Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Marry Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Bethesda Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Bolt Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Worrell Cemetery (Cont), Carroll Co.; Smith Cemetery, Carroll Co.; C Smith Cemetery, Carroll Co.; Hankins Cemetery (Cont), Tazewell Co.; Cooper Cemetery (Cont), Stafford Co.; Diggs-Machen Cemetery (Cont), Mathews Co.; Gwynns Island Cemetery (Cont), Mathews Co.; Stoakes Cemetery (Cont), Mathews Co.; Morgan Cemetery (Cont), Mathews Co.; White Cemetery (Cont), Mathews Co.

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MEN IN GRAY INTERMENTS, VOLUME XVI compiled by Thomas M. Spratt. 8˝x11. Continuation to date in the series described in volume 1 above. This volume contains the following cemeteries:
Sharon Cemetery (Cont), Middleburg, Va.; Manassas City Cemetery (Cont), Manassas, Va.; Prince William Co.: Greenwich Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Oak Dale Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Ewell Cemetery; Florence Cemetery; Fox Cemetery; Love Cemetery; Harrison-Norvil Cemetery; Haislip Cemetery; Holmes-Lynn Cemetery; Davis-Brady Cemetery; Sudley Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Hixson Cemetery; Arrington Cemetery; Bailey Cemetery; Barnes Cemetery; Windsor Cemetery; White Hall Church Cemetery; Bacon Race Church Cemetery; Simpson Cemetery; Reid Cemetery; Weir Cemetery; Union Baptist Church Cemetery; Valley View Cemetery; Tyler Cemetery; Greenwood Baptist Church Cemetery; Clark-Jones Cemetery; Ledbetter Cemetery; Petitt Cemetery; Clarke Co.: Green Hill Cemetery (Cont); Meade Memorial Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Old Bethel Church Cemetery (Cont); Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont);Stones Chapel Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Mountain Baptist Church Cemetery; Mt. Ebenezer Church Cemetery (Cont); Suffolk, Va: Cedar Hill Cemetery (Cont); Liberty Springs Christian Church Cemetery; Bethlehem Christian Church Cemetery; Cypress Chapel Christian Church Cemetery; Wesley Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery; Mt. Zion Christian Church Cemetery; St. Johns Episcopal Church Cemetery; Churchland Baptist Church Cemetery; Holy Neck Christian Church Cemetery; Oakland Christian Church Cemetery; Holly Lawn Cemetery; Western Branch Baptist Church Cemetery; Ames Cemetery; Gaskins-Lee Cemetery; South Quay Baptist Church Cemetery; Norfolk, Va.: Cedar Grove Cemetery (Cont); Elmwood Cemetery; Cumberland Co.: Confederate Cemetery;(Cont); Richmond, Va.: Hebrew Cemetery (Cont);Elmwood Cemetery; Shockoe Cemetery (Cont); Hollywood Cemetery (Cont); Oakwood Cemetery (Cont); Orange Co.: Maplewood Cemetery (Cont); Graham Cemetery (Cont); Harrisonburg, Va.: Woodbine Cemetery (Cont); Fredericksburg, Va.: Fredericksburg Confederate Cemetery (Cont); Oak Hill Cemetery (Cont); King William Co.: West Point Town Cemetery (Cont); Hopewell, Va.: City Point National Cemetery (Cont); Albemarle Co.: Confederate Cemetery (Cont); Southampton Co.; Beaver Dam Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Hampton, Va.: Hampton National Cemetery (Cont); Dinwiddie Co.: Confederate Cemetery; Highland Co.: McDowell Cemetery (Cont); Confederate Cemetery (Cont) Fauquier Co.: Freestate Battlefield Cemetery; Dulin Cemetery; Newport News, Va.: Confederate Graveyard; Denbigh Baptist Church Cemetery; Lebanon Church of Christ Cemetery; Williamsburg, Va.: Bruton Parish Church Cemetery (Cont); Scott Co.: J. Dougherty Cemetery; Starnes Cemetery; Bedford Co.: Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Greene Co.: McMullen Cemetery; Lawson Cemetery; Carroll Co.: Stewart Cemetery; Winchester, Va.: Mt. Hebron Cemetery (Cont); Washington Co.:; Necessary Cemetery; Confederate Soldier Cemetery; Hanover Co.: Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Cemetery; Buckingham Co.: C. L. Londree Cemetery; Leesburg, Va.: Union Cemetery (Cont).

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MEN IN GRAY INTERMENTS, VOLUME XVII compiled by Thomas M. Spratt. 8˝x11. Continuation and final volume in the series described in volume 1 above. This volume contains the following cemeteries:
Accomack County: J. Phillips Cemetery; Mapp Cemetery; Sycamore Cemetery;Albemarle County: Bugg Cemetery; Cemetery At Bel-Air; D. Woods Road Cemetery; Mt. Olivet Methodist Church Cemetery; Scottsville Confederate Cemetery (cont);Alleghany County: Alleghany-Cemetery (AKA—Echols Stith Cemetery, AKA Lewis Tunnel Cemetery); Bennett-Hamlett Cemetery; Beyer-Bess Cemetery; Bowen Cemetery; Bowen-Fridley Cemetery; Boys Home Cemetery (AKA Moyers-Cemetery, AKA-Grace Mission Cemetery); Campbell Cemetery; Carter Cemetery; Cedar Hill Cemetery; D. G. Givens Cemetery; Gillespie-Reid Cemetery; Haynes Cemetery; Helmintoller Cemetery; J. Bennett Cemetery; Karnes Cemetery; Kimberlin-Hamlett Cemetery; Kyle Cemetery; Oakwood Cemetery; Persinger Memorial Cemetery (AKA Shoaf Chapel Cemetery); Pinnell Cemetery (AKA Bess-Wright Cemetery); Rose Hill Cemetery (AKA Old Stull Cemetery); Smith-Armentrout Cemetery; Sweet Chalybeate Cemetery;Amelia County: Johnson-Webster Cemetery; Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery; Mt. Hope Church Cemetery; Rennie Memorial Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Robertson Cemetery; St. Johns Methodist Church Cemetery;Amherst County: Amherst County Public Cemetery; Bryant-Teachy Cemetery; Burford Chapel Cemetery; Cemetery at Bellevite; Cemetery at Vault Hill; Christian Cemetery; Coffey Cemetery; Dillard-Hylton Cemetery; El Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery; Ellis-Watson-Henley-Beahm Cemetery; Elon Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Fogus Cemetery; Fulcher-Tucker Cemetery; Garland Cemetery; Henley Cemetery; Henley-Drummond-Richeson Cemetery; Higginbotham Cemetery; Hudson Cemetery; Mclvor Cemetery; Parr Cemetery; Peace Baptist Tabernacle Cemetery (AKA Emanuel Episcopal Church Cemetery); Rucker Cemetery; Shelton-Ellis-Watts Cemetery; St. Lukes Episecopal Church Cemetery; Stevens Cove Cemetery; Thompson Cemetery; Tudor Hall Cemetery; Turner Cemetery; Turner-Foster Cemetery; Watts-Fletcher Cemetery;Appomattox County: Coleman-Plunkett Cemetery; Concord Cemetery (AKA Bethlehem United-Methodist Church Cemetery); Confederate Grave; Covington Cemetery; Old Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Old Herman Methodist Church Cemetery; Womack Cemetery; Wooldridge Cemetery;Augusta County: Augusta Stone Church Cemetery; Bridgewater Cemetery; Fairfield Cemetery; Harriston Methodist Church Cemetery; Martin Grove Cemetery; McDowell Cemetery; Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Mt. Hope Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Mt. Solon Methodist Church Cemetery; Old Waynesboro Presbyterian Cemetery; Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Shemariah Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Thornrose Cemetery; Tinkling Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Valley Church of the Brethren Cemetery;Bath County: Snead Cemetery;Bedford County: Bethany Church Cemetery; Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery; Bullock Cemetery; Callaway-Steptoe Cemetery; Coons Cemetery; Ebenezer Cmetery; Emmanuel Church Cemetery; Fouts Cemetery; Glade Creek Cemetery; Huddleston United Methodist Church Cemetery; Ivy Chapel Cemetery; Leftwich Cemetery; Longwood-Oakwood Cemetery; Lower Goose Creek Cemetery; May Cemetery; Old Andrews Cemetery; Overstreet-Newman Cemetery; Parker Cemetery; Shiloh United Methodist Church Cemetery; Stiff Cemetery #2; Tucker Cemetery; Union Church Cemetery;Bland County: A. Rutherford-Cemetery; Akers Cemetery; Bethany Church Cemetery; Bland Cemetery; Blankenship Cemetery; Bogle Cemetery; Bogle Cemetery; Burton Cemetery; Childress Cemetery; Clark Cemetery; Clear Fork Baptist Church Cemetery; Davidson Cemetery; E. Mitchell Cemetery; Fletcher Cemetery; French Cemetery; Goshen Cemetery; Grayson Cemetery; Gross Cemetery; H. Newberry Cemetery; Hicks Cemetery; Hidden Valley Cemetery #1; Hoges Chapel Cemetery; Hornberger Cemetery; Hounshell Cemetery; I. F. Stowers Cemetery; Kidd Cemetery; Laurel Fork Church Cemetery; Mt. Victory Cemetery; Mustard Cemetery; Newberry Cemetery; Parcell Cemetery; Pauley Cemetery; Robinett Cemetery; Rose Hill Cemetery; S. Gose Cemetery; Salem Church Cemetery; Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery; Shrader Cemetery #1; Shrader Cemetery #2; Stinson Cemetery; Stowers Cemetery; Stowers-Wolfe Cemetery; Sunny Point Cemetery; Wilson-Coburn Cemetery; Wyrick Cemetery; Zion Cemetery;Botetourt County: Arcadia Cemetery; Buchanan Lutheran Church Cemetery; Cedar Hill Cemetery; Forest Grove Cemetery; Hammond-Henderseo-Housman Cemetery; Locust Bottom Cemetery; Montvale Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Nofsinger-Styne-Pico Cemetery; Old Vest Cemetery; Robinson Cemetery (AKA Solitude Cemetery);Brunswick County: Cemetery Road-Graves; Clary Cemetery; Connelly Cemetery; E. T. Floyd Cemetery; F. C. McBride Cemetery; Hall-Barbour Cemetery; Hall Cemetery; Heartwell Cemetery; Moore-Whitby Cemetery; Mt. Vernon Methodist Church Cemetery; P. Clary Cemetery; Percival Cemetery; St. Andrews Methodist Church Cemetery; W. F. Floyd_Cemetery; Wallace Cemetery; Wray Cemetery;Buchanan County: Allen Cemetery; Boyd Cemetery; Fairview Cemetery; Bethel United-Methodist Church Cemetery;Buckingham County: Bixler-CreWs-Cemetery; Browns Chapel-United-Methodist Church-Cemetery; Cedar Baptist-Church-Cemetery; Dillwyn Town Cemetery; Gunter Cemetery; Holman-Jones-Cemetery; Jamerson-Sharpe Cemetery; Kyle-Davis Cemetery; Lesuer Cemetery; Mt. Zion Baptist Church-Cemetery; New Providence-Cemetery; Presbyterian.Church-Cemetery; Rush Cemetery; Sadler Cemetery; Salem United Methodist-Church; Scruggs Cemetery; Sharon Baptist-Church-Cemetery; Smyrna Methodist Church Cemetery; Taylor Cemetery; Thomas Cemetery; Watson Cemetery; Wright Cemetery;Campbell County: Adams-Mitchell Cemetery; Adams-Ward Cemetery; Alexander-Adams Cemetery; Bethany United Methodist Church Cemetery; Bomar Cemetery; C. Clark Cemetery; C. L. Moore Cemetery; Callahan Cemetery; Callaway Cemetery; Cambie Cemetery; Candler Cemetery; Cemetery At Otter Oaks; Clark Cemetery; Cobbs Cemetery; Creasy Cemetery; Davis Cemetery; Dinwiddie-Patrick Cemetery; Dixon Cemetery; Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery; Elliott-Dinwiddie-Cunningham Cemetery; Estes-Dudley Cemetery; Falling River Baptist Church Cemetery; Farmer-Burruss Cemetery; Finch Cemetery; Fitch Cemetery; Foster Cemetery; Franklin Cemetery; Gilliam Cemetery; Green Hill Cemetery; Haas Cemetery; Haden Cemetery; Hawkins Cemetery; Haythe-Ogden-Kent Cemetery; Hollins Cemetery; Hughes Cemetery; Hunter Cemetery; Hurt Cemetery; J. W. Carwile Cemetery; Jones Cemetery; Jones Cemetery #2; Kedron Church Cemetery; Lee Cemetery; LeGrand Cemetery; Lindsay Cemetery; Maddox Cemetery (AKA-Viar-Cemetery); Maddox Cemetery; Mason Cemetery; Mason Cemetery; Mason-Clark-Bailey Cemetery; McIver Cemetery #1; Miles Cemetery; Minnix Cemetery #1; Monroe Cemetery #1; Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery; Mt. Hermon United Methodist Church Cemetery; Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church Cemetery; Mt. Vernon Baptist-Church Cemetery; Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery; New Concord Presbyterian-Church Cemetery; Old Hairfield Cemetery; P. Clark Cemetery; Payne Cemetery; Penuel Baptist Church Cemetery; Perrow Cemetery; Prebble-Dunn Cemetery; Puckett Cetétery; Revely-Callahan Cemetery; Robinson-Carwile Cemetery; Rosser Cemetery; Rosser Cemetery; Rucker Cemetery; S. Carwile Cemetery; S. Maddox Cemetery; Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery; Sowell Cemetery; St. Johns Episcopal_Church Cemetery; Steppe-Steele Cemetery; Terry Cemetery; Vaughan-Hensley Cemetery; Wildman-Wood Cemetery; Williams-Connelly Cemetery; Yuille Cemetery; Z. Carwile Cemetery;Caroline County: Skinker Cemetery;Carroll County: Floyd Webb Cemetery; Fugate Dalton Cemetery; Harrold Cemetery; Lindsey Pine Creek Cemetery; White Cemetery;Charlotte County: C. Mason Cemetery; Hardiman Cemetery; Harvey Cemetery; Hebron Methodist Church Cemetery; Locust Grove Cemetery; Pleasant Grove Church of Christ Cemetery; Roanoke Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Staunton River Baptist Church Cemetery; Toombs Cemetery; Trinity United Methodist Church Cemetery;Charlottesville: Maplewood Cemetery;Chesterfield County: Brown Cemetery; Cemetery at Tucmore Farm; Ettrick Cemetery; Moody Cemetery; Snellings Cemetery; Eason Cemetery;Clarke County: Green Hill Cemetery; Old Chapel Cemetery;Craig County: Givens Cemetery; Leffel-Walker Cemetery; Miller Cemetery; Rich Cemetery; Ruble Cemetery; Snodgrass Cemetery; Stebar Cemetery; Trenor Cemetery;Charles City County: Micah Methodist Church Cemetery; Walker Cemetery;Culpeper County: Culpeper National Cemetery; Jeffersonton Baptist Church Cemetery; Stevensburg Methodist Church Cemetery;Danville: Grove Street;Dickenson County: Blair Cemetery; J. Sutherland,Cemetery; N. B. Sutherland Cemetery; Sutherland Cemetery; Wright Cemetery;Dinwiddie County: Burnt Quarter House; Gibbs Cemetery; Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Cemetery; H. Lee Cemetery;Essex County: Cemetery at Sunny Side;Fauquier County: Alton Cemetery; Armstrong-Hunton Cemetery; Athey Cemetery; Beale Cemetery; Bealeton Cemetery; Blackwell Cemetery; Church Cemetery; George Cemetery; Ivy Hill Cemetery; Lee-Strother Cemetery; Linden Community Cemetery; Midland Cemetery; Miller Cemetery; Mount Holly Baptist Church Cemetery; Payne Cemetery; Payne-Kelly Cemetery; Peters Cemetery; Pilcher Cemetery; Randolph Cemetery; Tadkett-Burroughs-Davis Cemetery; Turner Cemetery; Warrenton Cemetery;Fredericksburg: Gordon Cemetery;Floyd County: Altizer Cemetery; Barnard Cemetery; Barnard-Smith Cemetery; Cannaday Cemetery; County Line Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery; Hall Cemetery; Hoback-Rutrough Cemetery; Hylton-Goodykoontz Cemetery; Jett-Hylton-Burnett Cemetery; Martin Cemetery; Matherly-Jenkins Cemetery; Moran-Agee Cemetery; Mt. Zion Lutherdn Church Cemetery; Smith-Stanley Cemetery; Stonewall_Cemetery; Strickler Cemetery; Vest Cemetery; Via Cemetery; Williams Cemetery; Wilson Cemetery;Fluvanna County: Wakeham Cemetery;Franklin County: Anderson Cemetery; Beach-Scott Cemetery; Bousman-Hodges Cemetery; Bull Run Acres Cemetery; C. Chitwood Cemetery; C. E. Carter Cemetery; C. M. Menefee Cemetery; Cook Cemetery; E. Jones Cemetery; F. Bennett Cemetery; Farmer Cemetery; Flint Hill Methodist Church Cemetery; G. A. King Cemetery; H. Boyd Cemetery; Hale Cemetery; Hall-Smithers Cemetery; Hatcher Cemetery; Heckman Mill Cemetery; J. A. Knowles Cemetery; J. Heckman Cemetery; Knowles-Sigmon Cemetery; M. D. Cahill Cemetery; Morris Cemetery; P. B. Coleman Cemetery; Piedmont Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Cemetery; Prillman Cemetery; R. L. Jones Cemetery; S. M. Slone Cemetery; Shorter-Davidson-Cemetery; Stone Cemetery; T. Board Cemetery; T. Holland Cemetery; V. T. Parcell Cemetery; Webster-Wyatt Cemetery;Frederick County: Cemetery at the Grove; Episcopal Church Cemetery; Fairfield Lutheran Church Cemetery; Files Chapel Cemetery; Lovell Cemetery; Old Cartmell Cemetery; Prospect Hill Cemetery; Redland Church Cemetery; Slusher-Keith Cemetery;Giles County: Atkins Cemetery; Davis Cemetery; Dowdy Cemetery; Fairview Cemetery; Hamblin Cemetery; Hardiman Cemetery; Horseshoe Cemetery; McClaugherty Cemetery; Peterstown Cemetery; Price Cemetery;Gloucester County: Ark Cemetery; Hill Cemetery; Mount Olive Methodist Church Cemetery; Stubbs Cemetery; Zion Poplar-Baptist Church Cemetery;Goochland County: St. Marys Episcopal Church Cemetery;Grayson County: A. Phipps Cemetery; Atkins Cemetery; Baldwin Cemetery; Bedwell Cemetery (AKA Carrico Cemetery); Carrico Cemetery; Central Cemetery; Coal Creek Christian Church Cemetery; Comers Rock Cemetery; Cornett-Archelous Cemetery; Cox Cemetery; E. W. Cox Cemetery; Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery; Fees Ridge Cemetery; Fox Creek Cemetery; Galax City Cemetery; Goodson Cemetery; Harrington Cemetery; J. Anderson Cemetery; J. Comer Cemetery; J. Cox Cemetery; L. Cornett Cemetery; L. Hale Cemetery; Leonard Cemetery; Liberty Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery; Little Wilson Church Cemetery; McKenzie Cemetery; Meadow Creek Cemetery; Mooney Cemetery; Mt. Zion Church Cemetery; Old Elk Creek Cemetery; Oldtown Cemetery (AKA-Dickenson Cemetery); Patton Cemetery; Phipps Cemetery; Potato Creek Cemetery; Saddle Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery; Shuler Cemetery; Sixteen Acre Field Cemetery; T. M. Cox Cemetery; T. Roberts Cemetery; T. Roberts Cemetery; Trimble Cemetery; Troutdale Cemetery; W. C. Halsey Cemetery; W. Sawyer Cemetery (AKA.J. Sage Cemetery); Weaver Cemetery;Greene County: All Saints Mission Cemetery; Burton Cemetery; Daniel Cemetery; Early Cemetery; Estes Cemetery #2; Estes Cemetery; Evergreen Church Cemetery; Gilbert Cemetery #2; Gilbert Cemetery; Jarrell Cemetery; Keyseear Cemetery; Locker Cemetery; Lucas Cemetery; Lydia Community Cemetery; Mitchell-Davis Cemetery; Nichol Cemetery; Parrot Cemetery; Powell Cemetery; Runkle Cemetery; Smith-Sheler Cemetery; Westover United Methodist Church Cemetery;Greensville County: Briggs Cemetery; Chambliss Cemetery; Grigg Cemetery; T. L. Wright Cemetery;Halifax County: (Virgilinia)Town Cemetery; Adams Creek Baptist Church Cemetery; Arbor Baptist Church Cemetery; Bane Cemetery; Catawba Baptist Church Cemetery; Clover Baptist Church Cemetery; Clover Bottom Baptist Church Cemetery; Cluster Springs Cemetery; Dunn Cemetery; Ferrell Cemetery; Halifax Baptist Church Cemetery; Henderson Cemetery; Hill Cemetery; Lynn Cemetery; Moon Grove Cemetery; Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Cemetery; Oak Ridge Cemetery; Owen-Penick Cemetery; Owens-Stephens Cemetery; River Baptist Church Cemetery; Rodden Cemetery; Starling Cemetery; Strange Cemetery;Hampton: C. L. Phillips Cemetery; Drummond Cemetery (AKA Messick Cemetery); Hansford Cemetery; Harris Creek Cemetery; Mears Cemetery; Sinclair Cemetery; West Cemetery ;Hanover County: Airwell Cemetery; Aspen Grove Cemetery; Attkisson-Hardaway-Nuckols Cemetery; Battlefield Bethesda Church Cemetery; Bethesda Church Cemetery; Bloomfield Cemetery; Cason Cemetery; Chantilley Cemetery; Crockett-Bandy Cemetery; Crump Cemetery; Hall-Harris Cemetery; Hazelgrove-Stubbs Cemetery; Hicks-Toler Cemetery; Johnson-Hancock-Walton Cemetery; Kenwood United Methodist Church Cemetery; L. Halls Cemetery; Lockwood Cemetery; Locust Hill Cemetery; Lowry Cemetery; Maddox Cemetery; Meadowbridge Cemetery; Mills Cemetery; Mountain View Cemetery; Nuckols Cemetery; Oak Grove Cemetery; Perrin Cemetery; Pleasants Cemetery; Puller Place Cemetery; Puryear-Waldrop Cemetery; Rice-Tate-Cemetery; Rose Hill Cemetery; Sharp-Smith Cemetery; Smith Cemetery #2; Smith Cemetery; Spring Branch Cemetery; Spring Grove Cemetery; Still House Spring Cemetery; Summer Hill Cemetery #2; Summer Hill Cemetery; Tangle Oaks Cemetery; Terrelll Cemetery; Thompson Cemetery; Trainum Cemetery; Wheat Cemetery; Wickham Cemetery;Henrico County: Holman Cemetery;Highland County: Garner Cemetery;Henry: Bouldin Cemetery; Camp Branch Church Cemetery; Carter Cemetery; Cemetery At Bingswood Farm; Charity Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery; Chatham Heights Baptist Church Cemetery; Dyer Cemetery; Earles-Hankins Cemetery; Gravely Cemetery #2; Gravely Cemetery; Gregory-Stone Cemetery; Hampton Cemetery; Hankins-MartinHaley Cemetery; Oakwood Cemetery; Patterson Cemetery; Prillaman Cemetery; Ramsey Cemetery; Roach Cemetery; Roselawn Cemetery; Stone Cemetery #2; Stone Cemetery; Turner Cemetery; Unnamed Cemetery; Unnamed Cemetery #4; Unnamed Cemetery #10; Unnamed Cemetery #9; Unnamed Cemetery #8; Unnamed Cemetery #1; Unnamed Cemetery #1; Unnamed Cemetery #3; Unnamed Cemetery'#2; Unnamed Cemetery'#5; Unnamed Cemetety #6;Isle of Wight County: Colossee Baptist Church Cemetery; Duke Cemetery; Edwards-Ellis-Gwaltney Cemetery; Evergreen Cemetery; Mill Swamp Baptist Church Cemetery; Shiloh Cemetery; Turner Cemetery;James City County: Casey Cemetery;King George County: Baber Cemetery;King & Queen County: Bruington Baptist Church. Cemetery; Lower King & Queen Baptist Church Cemetery; Shacklefords Methodist Church Cemetery; St. Pauls Episcopal. Church Cemetery; St. Stephens Baptist Church Cemetery;King William County: McKendree Cemetery;Lancaster County: Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery; Mercer Cemetery; Morratico Baptist Church Cemetery; St. Marys White Chapel Church Cemetery;Lee County: Carnes Cemetery; Duncan Cemetery; Slemp Memorial Cemetery; Vandeventer Grave; W. Campbell Cemetery;Loudoun County: Arnold Grove Church Cemetery; Balls Bluff National Cemetery; Catoctin Baptist Church Cemetery; Catoctin Free Church Cemetery; Chinn Cemetery; Ebenezer Church Cemetery; Hamilton Methodist Church Cemetery; Herndon Cemetery (AKA Old Holzclaw Cemetery); Hillsboro Cemetery (AKA Union Cemetery); Hutchison Cemetery; Lovettsville Lutheran Cemetery; Middleburg Baptist Church Cemetery; Potts Cemetery; Taylorstown Cemetery; Welbourne Cemetery;Louisa County: Bracketts Cemetery; Bybee Road Baptist Church Cemetery; Cemetery At Chantilly; Cemetery At Kinlock Farm; Hope Cemetery; Johnson Cemetery; South Anna Baptist Church Cemetery;Lunenburg County: Cool Springs Christian Church Cemetery; Fairview Methodist Church Cemetery; J. B. Gunn Cemetery; Kenridge Heights Cemetery; Meherrin Methodist Church Cemetery; Unnamed Cemetery;Lynchburg: Cox Cemetery; Johnson-Clay Cemetery; King of Kings Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery; Lynchburg Cemetery (AKA Old City Cemetery); Old Catholic Cemetery; Perkins Cemetery; Pleasant View Baptist Church.Cemetery; S. Scott Cemetery; Scott Cemetery; Tyreeanna United Methodist Church Cemetery;Mathews County: Atheron-Lewis Cemetery; Harbor Cemetery; Haynes Chapel Church Cemetery; Minter-Pugh-Cemetery; St. Pauls Church Cemetery;Mecklenburg County: Bluestone Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Chase City Cemetery; Confederate Grave; Hebron United Church, of Christ Cemetery; Smith-Cook Cemetery;Middlesex County: Berkeley-Marchant-Blackburn Cemetery; Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery; Blake Cemetery; Bristow Cemetery; Bristow-Games-Ailsworth Cemetery; Bristow-Walker Cemetery; Campbell Hill Cemetery; Carter Cemetery #2; Carters Cemetery #1; Cemetery At Palmer House; Christ Church Parish Cemetery; Clarksbury United Methodist, Church Cemetery; Dunlevy-Sadler Cemetery; Glebe Landing Baptist Church Cemetery; Harmony Grove Baptist Church Cemetery; Healy Cemetery; Hermitage Baptist Church Cemetery; Jones-Beazley Cemetery; Kennardstown Road Cemetery; Lower United Methodist Church Cemetery; Milby Cemetery; New Cemetery; Norris Cemetery; Parrish-Layton-Rucker-Cornwell-Bohannon Cemetery; Stiff-Laycock-Adams-Philip-Parker Cemetery; Taylor-Chandler-Young-Bentley-Cemetery; Vaughan Cemetery;Montgomery County: Allen Cemetery; Altizer Cemetery; Bower Cemetery; Broce Cemetery; Central Cemetery; Cofer-Turner-Elvin Cemetery; Collins-Garnand Cemetery; Feather Cemetery; Furrow Cemetery; Garnand Cemetery; Hall Cemetery; Hardwick Cemetery; Heth Cemetery; Hudgins Cemetery; Jennelle Cemetery; Johnson Cemetery; Laurel Hill Church of'Christ Cemetery; Laurel Hill Church Cemetery; North Fork Baptist Church Cemetery; Pepper Cemetery; Piedmont Cemetery; Radford Cemetery; Rogers Road Cemetery (AKA Hudgins Cemetery); Ryan Cemetery; Slusser Cemetery; Smith Cemetery; Snider Cemetery; Sowder Cemetery; Sunrise Memorial Garden; Surface Cemetery; Wall Cemetery; Walters Cemetery #2; Walters Cemetery; White Cemetery; Winfrey Cemetery;Nelson County: Bryant-Jones Cemetery; Cemetery At Belmont Plantation; Dameron-Drumheller-Dabney Cemetery; Davis Cemetery; Mountain View Cemetery; Rockfish Presbyterian Church Cemetery;New Kent County: Chandler Cemetery;Norfolk: Foreman Cemetery; Magnolia Cemetery; Oak Grove Cemetery; Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery;Nottoway County: Crewe Cemetery;Newport News: Curtis Cemetery; Dam #1 Battlefield; Lee Graveyard;Northumberland County: Totuskey Baptist Church Cemetery; Unnamed Cemetery;Orange County: Maplewood Cemetery; New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery; Russell Cemetery; WrittenhouseCemetery;Page County: Alger Cemetery ; Atwood-Triplett Cemetery; Beahms Chapel Cemetery; Coffman-Burner Cemetery; Coverstone-EUB Cemetery; D. Bumgardner Cemetery; Good Cemetery; Graves Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery; Hanson-Walton Cemetery; Heiston Cemetery; J. Beahm Cemetery; Luray Cemetery; M. Coffman Cemetery; Pine Grove Cemetery; Rileyville Cemetery; Rockland Community Cemetery; Ruffner Cemetery; St, Luke Lutheran Church Cemetery; St. Pauls Lutheran Church Cemetery; UMC Cemetery;Patrick County: Jones-Vipperman Cemetery; Knowles Cemetery;Prince Edward County: Liberty Church Cemetery; Prospect Methodist Church Cemetery; Williams Cemery;Petersburg: Blandford Cemetery; First Baptist Church Cemetery; Grace Street Church Cemetery; High Street Methodist Church Cemetery;Pittsylvania County: Barbour Cemetery; Barker Cemetery; Bradnor Cemetery; Cedar Forest Methodist Church Cemetery; Chatham Cemetery; Chatham Church Cemetery; Colbert Cemetery; Collins Cemetery; Craddock Cemetery; Crane Cemetery; Crawley-Glenn-Shelton Cemetery; Dallas-Wells Cemetery; Danville National Cemetery; Doss Cemetery; Dunn Cemetery; Falls Cemetery; Gardner Cemetery; Gibson Cemetery; Giles-Leftwich Cemetery; Green Lawn Cemetery; Hammer-Vaughan Cemetery; Hines Cemetery; Hunt Cemetery; Inman Cemetery; Jones-Law Cemetery; Jones-Mitchell-Richardson Cemetery; Lane-Echols Cemetery; Lovelace Cemetery; Mayes Cemetery; Motley-Davis-Farson Cemetery; New Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery; Old Harper Creek Church Cemetery; Payne Cemetery; Powell Cemetery; Quarles-Howell,Cemetery; Rowles Cemetery; Rucker Cemetery; Scarce Cemetery; Shelton-Wright Cemetery; Shumate Cemetery; Smith Cemetery; Soyars-Vaughan-Cemetery; Spring Garden Presbyterian Church Cemetery; St. Johns Episcopal Church Cemetery; Stone-Gilbert Cemetery; Tucker Cemetery; Waller Cemetery; Watson-Parrish Cemetery; Wiles Cemetery; Wilkerson-Wilkinson Cemetery; Williams-Warren Cemetery; Witcher-Rucker Cemetery; Yeatts Cemetery;Poquoson: Moore Cemetery;Powhatan County: Harris Cemetery; Michaux Cemetery; Petersville Cemetery;Prince William County: Bellhaven Cemetery; Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery; Brentsville Community Cemetery (Cont); Bristoe Station Battlefield (Cont); Cedar Run Cemetery; Cemetery at Vaughnland; Gainesville Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Hutchison Cemetery.(Cont); Ish Cemetery; LynnCemetery; Purcell Cemetery; Quantico Baptist Church Cemetery; Tansill Cemetery; Tolson Cemetery; Triangle Public Cemetery (Cont); Williams Cemetery;Portsmouth: Oak Grove Cemetery;Pulaski County: Anderson Cemetery; Covey Hall Cemetery; Farmer Cemetery; Farris Cemetery; Hufford Cemetery; Larew Cemetery; Miller Cemetery; Nolem Cemetery; Old Dublin Cemetery; Rhoades Cemetery; Simpkins Cemetery;Radford: Unnamed Cemetery;Rappahannock County: Amiss-Burke Cemetery; Botts-McMartin-Stark Cemetery; Fairview Cemetery; Hitt Cemetery; J. Yowell Cemetery;Richmond City: Shockoe Cemetery; Richmond National Cemetery;Roanoke County: Bandy Cemetery. #1; Bane-Givens Cemetery; Cocke Cemetery; Coon-Richardson Cemetery; Cooper-Kent-Heslep-Cemetery; Deaton Cemetery; Farley Cemetery; Garman-Moses Cemetery; H. Webster Cemetery; Hall-Wright Cemetery; HartmanCemetery #4; J. Muse Cemetery; John Cemetery; Mays Cemetery #2; McCray Cemetery; Miller-Day Cemetery; Moore-Bain Cemetery; Persinger Cemetery #2; Poage Cemetery; S. K. Ferguson Cemetery; Shilling Cemetery; Smith Cemetery #3; Smoot Cemetery; Temple Emanuel Cemetery; Thrasher-Short Cemetery;Roanoke: Fairview Cemetery; Roanoke City Cemetery;Rockbridge County: Broad Creek-Miller Cemetery; Goodbar Cemetery; Rapps Mill Church Cemetery; Stonewall Jackson Cemetery;Rockingham County: Antioch Christian Church Cemetery; Arrey Cemetery; Baker Cemetery; Baldwin Cemetery; Baugher Cemetery; Beth-el Cemetery; Bowman Cemetery; Brush Brethren Church Cemetery; Cemetery at Contentment; Clover Hill Methodist Church Cemetery; Criders Cemetery; Cross Keys Cemetery; Dovel Cemetery; Horeb United Brethren Church Cemetery; Millbrook Church of the Brethren Cemetery; Miller Cemetery; Monks Corner Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Mt. Crawford Methodist Church Cemetery; Mt. Olivet Church Cemetery; Mt. Pisgah Methodist Church Cemetery; Naylor Cemetery; Oakland Cemetery; Old Woodley Cemetery; Otterbine EUB_Church Cemetery; Ottobine Methodist Church Cemetery; Pineville Cemetery; Pleasant Grove Methodist Church; Pleasant View Mennonite Church Cemetery; Shady Grove Brethren Church Cemetery; Sipe Cemetery; St. Lukes Church of Christ Cemetery; Summit Church of Brethren Cemetery; Tenth Legion Cemetery; Tinkling Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Union Methodist Church Cemetery; Wampler Cemetery;Russell County: A. Dye Cemetery; A. Sutherland Cemetery; Artrip Cemetery; Counts Cemetery; Hall-Meade Cemetery; Honaker-Ray Cemetery; North ChurchStreet Cemetery (AKA Old Lebanon Cemetery); Rasnake-Smith Cemetery; Riley Cemetery; S. Hunt-Robinson Cemetery; Salling Cemetery; Smith Cemetery; Solomon Litton Hollow Cemetery; Stevens Cemetery; Taylor Cemetery; Williams Cemetery;Salem: Cedar Lawn Memorial Park;Scott County: Alley Cemetery; Barker Cemetery; Blankenbeckler Cemetery; Blue Springs Cemetery; Booker Chapel Church Cemetery; Brickey Cemetery #1; Burchette Cemetery; C. C. Fraley Cemetery; Carter Cemetery #1; Corder Cemetery; Cox Cemetery; Fraley Cemetery; France Cemetery; Frazier Cemetery; Frazier Cemetery; Godsey Cemetery; Greear Cemetery; Green-Raymond Cemetery; Hall Cemetery; Hampton Cemetery; Harris Cemetery; Haynes Cemetery; Horton-Broadwater Cemetery; Horton Cemetery; Hunneycutt Cemetery; Lane Cemetery; Laney Cemetery; Lyon-Anderson Cemetery; McConnell Cemetery; McKinney-Carter Cemetery; Miller Cemetery; Moore Cemetery; Morrison Cemetery; Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery; N. Baldwin Cemetery; Necessary Cemetery; Nimrod Taylor Cemetery (AKA Carter Cemetery); Osborn Cemetery; Pendleton Cemetery; Porter Cemetery; Pridemore Cemetery; Quillen Cemetery; Rhoton-Hill Station Cemetery; Robinette Cemetery; Ryan Cemetery; Rye Cove Cemetery; Shaffer Cemetery; Smith Cemetery; Spivey Cemetery; Spurrier Cemetery; Taylor Cemetery; Treadway Cemetery; Unnamed Cemetery; Unnamed Cemetery; Walling Cemetery; Wilhelm Cemetery; Winagar Cemetery;Southampton County: ApplewhiteCemetery; Barn Tavern Cemetery; Barrett Cemetery; Battle Cemetery; Beale Cemetery #2; Beechwood Cemetery; Bell Cemetery; Bishop Cemetery; Blackjack Cemetery; Blythe Cemetery; Bradshaw Cemetery; Branchville Cemetery; Brett Cemetery; Brittle Cemetery; Capron Cemetery; Cobb Cemetery; Corbett Cemetery; Corinth Friends Meeting Cemetery; Cotton Cemetery; Courtland Cemetery; Edwards Cemetery; Ferguson Cemetery; Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery; Hines Cemetery; Hollywood Cemetery; Hunterdale Church Cemetery; Ivor Cemetery; James Cemetery; Knight Cemetery; Majette Cemetery; Manry Cemetery; McClenny Cemetery; Millfield Baptist Church Cemetery; Mt. Horeb Church Cemetery; Nicholson Cemetery; Persons Methodist Church Cemetery; Raiford Cemetery; Ridley Cemetery; Rosemont Cemetery; Scott Cemetery; St. Lukes Cemetery; St. Lukes Lutheran Church Cemetery; Tucker Swamp Baptist Church Cemetery; Vick Cemetery; White Cemetery; Whitehead Cemetery; Wiggins Cemetery; Williams Cemetery; Worrell Cemetery;Shenandoah County: Beydler Cemetery; Bowman Cemetery; Brubauer Cemetery; Burner Cemetery; Cedar Grove Cemetery; Christ Reformed Church Cemetery; Click-Coffman Cemetery; Crabill Cemetery; Craig Cemetery; Dellinger Cemetery; Downey Cemetery; Flat Rock Brethren Church Cemetery; Frey Cemetery; Grace Church Cemetery; Hottel Cemetery; J. Gochenour Cemetery; Kagey-Shirley-Newman Cemetery; Lantz-Bowman Cemetery; Long Cemetery; Lucas Cemetery; Lutheran Reformation Church Cemetery; Lutheran Reformation Church Cemetery; Massanutten Cemetery; McInturff Cemetery; Morning Star Lutheran Church Cemetery; Mt. Cavalry Church Cemetery; Mt. Hermon.United Methodist Church Cemetery; Mt. Jackson Cemetery; Old Columbia Furnace Union Church Cemetery; Old Keller Cemetery; Otterbein Cemetery; Pleasant View Cemetery; Rhodes-Maphis Cemetery; Ross Cemetery; Sager Cemetery; Slate Hill-Golladay Cemetery; Smith Cemetery; St. Marks Evangelical Lutheran Church; St. Marys Pine Church Cemetery; St. Pauls Reformed Church Cemetery; Stony Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery; Sugar Hill Cemetery; Swartz Cemetery; Tomahawk Pond Cemetery; Trinity Powder-Springs Church Cemetery; Union Forge.Church Cemetery; Valley Pike Brethren Church Cemetery; Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery; Zirkle Cemetery;Smyth County: Anderson Cemetery; Azen Baptist'Church Cemetery; Crouse Cemetery; Goodman Cemetery (AKA Ezelle Cemetery); Hubble Cemetery; James Cemetery; Morgan Cemetery; Mountain View Methodist Church Cemetery; Ridgedale Methodist Church-Cemetery; Roselawn Cemetery; Snavely Cemetery; Tilson-Roland Cemetery; Westwood Memorial Gardens; Zion Methodist Church Cemetery;Spotsylvania County: Cedar Hill Cemetery; Cemetery At Belvoir; Confederate Grave; Jennings Cemetery; Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery (cont); Tochman Grave;Stafford County: Hoskins Cemetery; Monteith Cemetery; P. Honey Cemetery; Sullivan-Martin-Cemetery;Suffolk County: Austin Cemetery; Babb-Rawles Cemetery; Copeland Cemetery; Fuller Cemetery; Holland Baptist Church Cemetery; Johnson Cemetery; Jones-Jackson Cemetery; Kilby Cemetery; Milteer Cemetery; Oliver Cemetery; Saunders Cemetery; Somerton Methodist Church Cemetery; Whaleysville Methodist Church Cemetery; Whiteheads Grove Baptist Church Cemetery; Wright Cemetery;Sussex County: Wakefield Methodist Church Cemetery;Tazewell County: Maplewood Cemetery; Smith Cemetery; Whittaker Ridge Cemetery;Warren County: Beaty-Bolen Cemetery; Cemetery at Rose Hill; Frederick Cemetery; Linden Church Hill Cemetery; Little Chapel Cemetery; Mauck Cemetery; McKay-Garrison Cemetery; Reliance Methodist Church Cemetery; Shumate Cemetery; Stokes-Steed Cemetery; Timberlake Cemetery;Washington County: Arnold-Roberts Cemetery; Azen Cemetery; Barker Cemetery; Blackwater Chapel Church Cemetery; Booker Cemetery; Bryant Cemetery; Campbell Cemetery; Cherry Hill Cemetery; Clear Branch Methodist Church Cemetery; Crigler Cemetery; Davis-Jamison Cemetery; Dishman Cemetery; East Hill Cemetery; Elizabeth Cemetery; Farris Cemetery; Foxana Cemetery; Friendship Cemetery; Fuller Cemetery; Garrett Cemetery; Gillenwater Cemetery; Gobble Cemetery; Green Cove Cemetery; Gum Hill Cemetery; Hayter Cemetery; Kelly Cemetery; Logan Cemetery; Maple Grove Cemetery; McCullough-Caddy Cemetery; McKee Cemetery; Mountain View Cemetery; Mt. Carmel Cemetery; Price Cemetery; River Bridge Cemetery; Rolling Springs Cemetery; Rust Cemetery; Susong Cemetery;Westmoreland County: Beale Cemetery; Leedstown Cemetery;Williamsburg: Bruton Parish Church Cemetery; Waller Cemetery;Winchester: Stonewall Cemetery;Wise County: Baker Cemetery; Benjamin Bolling Cemetery; Bethany Methodist Church Cemetery; Black Creek Cemetery; Carter Cemetery; Daniel Dotson Cemetery; Dewey Memorial Cemetery; Flat Gap Cemetery; Galen Roberts Cemetery; Glamorgan Cemetery; H. H. Sexton Cemetery; Hamilton Cemetery; Hensley-Addington Cemetery; Huff Cemetery; J. Beverly Cemetery; J. P. Qualls Cemetery; John Gilliam Cemetery; Joseph Addington Cemetery; Kilgore Cemetery; Meade Creek Cemetery; Mt. Zion Cemetery; Nicholas Horne Cemetery; Old Coeburn Cemetery (AKA Odd Fellows Cemetery); R. Mullins Cemetery; Riverview Cemetery; Robinette Cemetery; Skeen Cemetery; Skeens Cemetery; Stallard Cemetery; Tacoma Cemetery; Thomas Dotson Cemetery; Thomas J. Addington Cemetery; Wells Cemetery; White Oak Gap Cemetery; Wiley Gardner Cemetery;Wythe County: Ayers Cemetery; Buchanan Cemetery; Catron Cemetery; Corvin Cemetery; Galilee Christian Church Cemetery; Graham Cemetery; Gregory Cemetery; Halsey Cemetery; Kimberling Church Cemetery; Litz Cemetery; Mabe Cemetery; Marvin Church Cemetery; McGavock Cemetery; Mountain View Cemetery; Shafer Cemetery; Spence Cemetery; Sprinkle Cemetery; St. Pauls Church Cemetery; Steffey Cemetery; Walters Cemetery; West End Cemetery; White Top Cemetery; Wohlford-Grubb Cemetery; Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery;York County: Big Bethel Reservoir Cemetery; Hopkins-Cook-Smith Cemetery; Old Magruder Churchyard; Thorpeland Cemetery

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MEN IN GRAY INTERMENTS, VOLUME XVIII compiled by Thomas M. Spratt. 8˝x11. Continuation volume in the series described in volume 1 above. This volume contains the following cemeteries:
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Foreword: City of Williamsburg: College Cemetery; City of Richmond: Mt. Calvary Catholic Church Cemetery; Maury Cemetery (Cont); Shockoe Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Calvary Cemetery (Cont); Charles City County: Wilsons Wharf Cemetery (Cont); Manoah Church Cemetery; Westover Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Micah Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Mapsico Episcopal Church Cemetery; Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church Cemetery; Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery; Bethany Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Berkeley Plantation Cemetery; Cedar Level Cemetery; Marable Cemetery; Dogham Cemetery; Holdcroft Cemetery; North Run Cemetery; Northwood Cemetery; Oak Hill Cemetery; Peace Hill Cemetery; River Edge Cemetery; Shirley Plantation Cemetery; Summer Hill Cemetery; Tarkiln Branch Cemetery; Tetlington Cemetery; Lancaster County: Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Moraticco Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Marys Whitechapel Episcopal Church Cemetery; Irvington Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); White Stone Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Beane Cemetery #2.; White Marsh Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Buchan Cemetery; Edgely Plantation Cemetery; Flowering Field Cemetery; Hathaway-Ransone Cemetery; Hughlett Cemetery; Lawson Cemetery; Marsh Cemetery; Mitchell Grave #3; Myers Creek Farm Cemetery; Spriggs Cemetery; Wilder Cemetery; Claybrook Baptist Church Cemetery; Edgely Baptist Church Cemetery; Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery; Norwood Baptist Church Cemetery; St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church Cemetery; White Stone United Methodist Church Cemetery; City of Virginia Beach: Moore Cemetery; Kellam, Murden, Fisher, Herrick Cemetery; Etheridge Cemetery; Seneca Cemetery; Eastern Shore Chapel Cemetery (Cont); Shipp Cemetery (Cont); Emmanuel Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); City of Fredericksburg: Fredericksburg Confederate Cemetery (Cont); St. Georges Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Nelson County: Rock Springs United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Cemetery At Union Hill (Cont); Mt. Paran Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont) 41; Dodds Cemetery (Cont) 41; Centenary Memorial Cemetery (Cont); Confederate Graveyard (Cont); Davis Cemetery (Cont); Beech Grove Christian Church Cemetery; Bellevette Cemetery; Berkhampstead Cemetery; Bonnell-Tinnell Cemetery; Bridge Hill Cemetery 45; Thomas Campbell Cemetery; James Madison Coffey Cemetery; Coffey-Hatter Cemetery; Cunningham Cemetery; Dillard-Hylton-Hudson Cemetery; Fulks Cemetery; Haines Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery; Hamilton Cemetery; Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery; Henderson Cemetery; Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery; Hubard-Slaughter Cemetery; Hubard-Somerville Cemetery; Huffman-Jordan-Taylor Cemetery; William Hughes Cemetery; Johnson-Kidd Cemetery; Charles Jones Cemetery; Jordan Cemetery; Locust Grove Cemetery; Lyon Cemetery; Masters Cemetery; Mays Cemetery; McAlexander Cemetery; Mountain Cove Cemetery; Patrick Anderson Cemetery; Edward Purvis Cemetery; Purvis-King Cemetery; River Bluff Cemetery; Tillman Cemetery; Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery; Tyro Cemetery; Warrick Cemetery.; White Rock Cemetery; Hugh P. Willoughby Cemetery; Withers Cemetery; Wood Cemetery; Jonesboro Cemetery; City of Chesapeake: Lassiter Cemetery; Good Hope Methodist Church Cemetery; Cutherell Cemetery; Williams Cemetery; Memorial Gardens Cemetery; Halstead Cemetery; Churchland Baptist Church Cemetery; City of Winchester: Mt. Horeb Cemetery; Mt. Hebron Cemetery (Cont); Augusta County: Waynesboro Cemetery; Hildebrand Mennonite Church Cemetery; Sangerville Brethren Church Cemetery; Hebron Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Johns Lutheran German Reformed Church Cemetery (Cont); Barren Ridge Church of Brethren Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Johns Church Cemetery (Cont); Bethlehem United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Belmont Cemetery (Cont); Green Hill Cemetery (Cont); Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Calvary Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Cedar Hill Cemetery (Cont); Elk Run Church of Brethren Cemetery (Cont); Emmanuel Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Fisherville Cemetery (Cont) 80; Laurel Hill Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Lebanon Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Hermon Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Middle River Church of Brethren Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Pisgah Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Sidney Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Mountain View Cemetery (Cont); Naked Creek Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Old Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Old Salem Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); New Hope Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Parnassus United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Pilson Cemetery (Cont); Riverview Cemetery (Cont); St. James Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Michael Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Paula Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Salem Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Sangersville Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Union Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); West Augusta Cemetery (Cont); Zion Church Cemetery (Cont); Carroll County: F. Webb Cemetery (Cont); Flower Gap Church Cemetery (Cont); Woodlawn United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Old Quaker Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Bethel Moravian Church Cemetery (Cont); Edwards Cemetery (Cont); Christopher Columbus Webb Cemetery (Cont); Newman Cemetery (Cont); Mountain Plains United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); McCraw Cemetery (Cont); Leonard Memorial United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Liberty Hill Cemetery (Cont); Webb Cemetery (Cont); S. Hawks Cemetery (Cont); Largen Cemetery (Cont); Felts Memorial Cemetery (Cont); Goad Cemetery (Cont); Bobbitt Cemetery (Cont); I. Banks Cemetery (Cont); Thompson Cemetery (Cont); Oakland United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Independence Cemetery (Cont; Hillsville North End Cemetery (Cont); Cox Cemetery (Cont); Coal Creek Christian Church Cemetery (Cont; Branscome Cemetery (Cont); Blue Ridge Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont; Alley Cemetery; James Anderson Cemetery; Ayers Cemetery; Ayers-Duncan Cemetery; T. Beasley Cemetery; Bluemont Presbyterian Church Cemetery; J. Bowman Cemetery; Boyd Cemetery; Brown Cemetery; Burnett Cemetery; Caldwell-Givens Cemetery; Carico Cemetery; Cedar Lane Easter Cemetery; Chestnut Grove Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery; Combs Cemetery; Crooked Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery; B. Dalton Cemetery; Delp Cemetery; Duncan Cemetery; Easter-King Cemetery.; Epworth Memorial Methodist Church Cemetery; Elk Spur Church Cemetery; Galax City Cemetery; J. Gardner Cemetery; Gladeville United Methodist Church Cemetery; Gray Cemetery; Haywood Robinson Cemetery; Hardy-Jenkins Cemetery; Hebron Cemetery; Henley Cemetery; Jackson Cemetery; Hicks Cemetery; Johnson-Leftwich Cemetery; Jones Cemetery; Liberty Cemetery; R. McGee Cemetery; J. McGrady Cemetery; McMillian Cemetery; McPeak-Gallimore Cemetery; Marion Cemetery; Marshall-Mabry Cemetery; Cemetery On Martha's Knob; Midway Baptist Church Cemetery; Montgomery Cemetery; Newman Cemetery.; Old Mount Lebanon Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery; J. Peak Cemetery; Pickett Cemetery; Pine View Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery; Pope Knob Cemetery; S. D. Porter Cemetery; Primm Cemetery; A. Quesenberry Cemetery; J. Quesenberry Cemetery; T. Quesenberry Cemetery; Reece Cemetery; Smith-Lindsey Cemetery; T. Stanley Cemetery; Stewart Cemetery; Stoneman Cemetery; Surratt-Flinchem Cemetery; Thomas Cemetery; M. Thomas Cemetery; Thompson-Bolt Cemetery; Tolbert Cemetery; Tolbert-Westmoreland Cemetery; Top of the Mountain Cemetery; Turman Cemetery; D. Turner Cemetery; Vernon Cemetery; White Cemetery; Williams-Jenkins Cemetery; Wilkinson Cemetery..; Tate Cemetery.; Saint Paul Baptist Church Cemetery; Quesenberry Cemetery; Shockley Cemetery; Nester Cemetery; Goad Cemetery; Jennings Memorial Cemetery; Worrell Memorial Cemetery; B. Worrell Cemetery; Bolt Cemetery; Marshall Cemetery; T. Marshall Cemetery; H. Marshall Cemetery; Jennings Cemetery; T. Jennings Cemetery; Jennings Cemetery; Louisa County: Boxley Cemetery; Bracketts Cemetery (Cont); Carter Cemetery; Danne Cemetery; Duke Cemetery; Dunn Cemetery; Elk Creek Baptist Church Cemetery; Gardner Cemetery; Grubbs Cemetery; Gibson Cemetery; Gammon Cemetery; Hall Cemetery; Harris Cemetery; Kennon Cemetery; May Cemetery; Melton Cemetery; Meade Cemetery; Pleasants Cemetery; Pottie-Boxley Cemetery; Proffitt Cemetery; Quisenberry Cemetery; Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery; Shelton Cemetery.; Shelton-Roseneath Cemetery; Tate Cemetery; Thomas Cemetery; Vest Cemetery at Corda; Ware Cemetery; Ware-Waller Cemetery; Johnson Cemetery (Cont); Bracketts Cemetery (Cont); Barton Cemetery; Bickers Cemetery; Cooke Cemetery; Dabney Cemetery; Dunn Cemetery; Duncan Cemetery.; Hamilton Cemetery; Hicks-Perry Cemetery; Jordan Cemetery; Kean Cemetery; Mansfield-Boxley Cemetery; McDonald Cemetery; Morris Cemetery; Moss Cemetery; Morris-Payne Cemetery; Nicholas Cemetery; Payne Cemetery; Quisenberry Cemetery; Shipp Cemetery.; Waldrop Cemetery; Whitlock-Hall Cemetery; City of Richmond: Riverview Cemetery (Cont; Nottoway County: Green Church Cemetery; Whites Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery; St. Lukes Church Cemetery; Town of Crewe Cemetery; Lakeview Cemetery (Cont); City of Williamsburg: Waller Cemetery; Cedar Grove Cemetery (Cont); Bruton Parish Church Cemetery (Cont); Lunenburg County: Perseverance Christian Church Cemetery; Maddux Cemetery; Neblett Cemetery; Greensville County: Corinth Methodist Church Cemetery; Bowen Cemetery; Goodrich Cemetery; Allen Cemetery; Zion Union Church Cemetery; Emporia Cemetery; Brunswick County: Levi Abernathy Cemetery; Antioch United Methodist Church Cemetery; Bailey Cemetery; Baird Cemetery #1; Barrow Cemetery; Bennett Cemetery; Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery; Birdsong Cemetery; Alexander Blanton Cemetery; Brewer Cemetery; Blick Cemetery; Britt Cemetery..; Brodnax Cemetery; Brooks Cemetery; Buford Cemetery; Carroll Cemetery; Carter Cemetery; Christopher Cemetery; Claiborne Cemetery; Conner Cemetery; Cordle Cemetery; Daniel Cemetery; Daniel Cemetery; John Eddie Daniel Cemetery; Delbridge-Pugh Cemetery; Moses Daniel Cemetery; Dugger Cemetery; Eanes Cemetery; Ebenezer Community Church Cemetery; Edgerton United Methodist Church Cemetery; Edmonds Cemetery; Elmore Cemetery; Epperson Cemetery; Ferguson Cemetery; Gilliam Cemetery; Glidewell Cemetery; Goodwyn Cemetery; Griffin Cemetery; Hammack Cemetery; Gunn Cemetery; Harris Cemetery; Harrison Cemetery; Harrison Cemetery; Smith Harrison Cemetery.; Hawkins Cemetery; Hobbs Cemetery; Hawthorne Cemetery; James Square Baptist Church Cemetery; Francis Jones Cemetery; Jones Cemetery; Jones-Clary Cemetery; Jonesboro Baptist Church Cemetery; Kidd Cemetery; Kennedy Cemetery; Kidd-Jones Cemetery; Kidd Cemetery; Charles G. King Cemetery; William A. King Cemetery; Kirk Cemetery; Kirkland Cemetery; Lambert Cemetery; John W. Lambert Cemetery; Lanier Cemetery; Lashley Cemetery; Macedonia United Methodist Church Cemetery; Lucy Cemetery; Manson Cemetery; Manly Cemetery; McAden Cemetery; Meade Cemetery; Merritt Cemetery; Michael Cemetery; Moore Cemetery; John A. Moore Cemetery; Moore-Hicks Cemetery; Moseley Cemetery; Nash Cemetery; Norwood Cemetery; Pearson Cemetery; Parrish Cemetery; Edward M. Pearson Cemetery; Pelhams United Methodist Church Cemetery; Perkinson Cemetery; Philadelphia United Methodist Church Cemetery; Phillips Cemetery; Phipps Cemetery; Porch Cemetery; Price Cemetery; Pritchett Cemetery; Moses Pritchett Cemetery; Raney Cemetery; Richardson-Stone Cemetery; Rocky Run United Methodist Church Cemetery; Royal Cemetery; Samford Cemetery; Seward Cemetery.; Shell Cemetery; Short Cemetery; Sign Rock Cemetery; Sills Cemetery; Singleton-Jones Cemetery; Sims Cemetery; Smith Cemetery; Snead Cemetery.; Spence Cemetery; Spraggins Cemetery; Steed Cemetery; Tabernacle Methodist Church Cemetery; Talley Cemetery; Tanner Cemetery; Tatum Cemetery; Edward Taylor Cemetery; Temple Cemetery; Miles Taylor Cemetery; Thacker Cemetery; Thomas Cemetery; Tillman Cemetery; Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery; Lee Tucker Cemetery; Union Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery; Valentine Cemetery; Vaughan Cemetery; Watkins Cemetery; Vincent-Delbridge Cemetery; Wilkins-Jones-Peterson Cemetery; Wright Cemetery; Joseph Wyche Cemetery; Wynn Cemetery; Young Cemetery; Canaan Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Olive Branch United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Clarke Cemetery at Northview; Cheely Cemetery (Cont); J. W. S. Crowder Cemetery; Clarke Cemetery; Lewis Cemetery; Lebanon Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont; Lewis Cemetery (Cont); Lewis Cemetery; Mt. Carmel Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); New Hope Christian Church Cemetery (Cont); Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery (Cont); Powell Cemetery (Cont); Prospect United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Rawlings Cemetery; Rawlings Cemetery (Cont); Wilkes Cemetery (Cont); Rock United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Oakwood Cemetery (Cont); Samuel C. Sadler Cemetery (Cont); Warfield Cemetery (Cont); Williams Cemetery (Cont); Washington Wesson Cemetery (Cont); Williams Cemetery; Wright Cemetery; Buck Wright Cemetery; John E. Abernathy Cemetery (Cont); Bethany United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Marks Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Union Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); William P. Floyd Cemetery; George W. Clary Cemetery; H. Clary Cemetery; Mecklenburg County: Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery; Canaan Methodist Church Cemetery; LaCrosse Cemetery; Nash Cemetery; Smith Cemetery; Oakwood Cemetery; Albert Smith Cemetery; Tarry Cemetery; Oakhurst Cemetery (Cont; Gravel Hill Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Union Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Woodlawn Cemetery (Cont; New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont; Overbey Cemetery (Cant); St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Yancey Cemetery (Cont); Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Powhatan County: Confederate Cemetery; Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery; Emmanuel Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Lukes Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Manakin Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Old Powhatan Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Henry County: Horsepasture Christian Church Cemetery (Cont); Pleasant Grove Church Cemetery (Cont); Oakwood Cemetery (Cont); Gregory Cemetery (Cont); City of Danville: Danville Confederate Cemetery; Leemont Cemetery (Cont); Greenhill Cemetery (Cont); Danville National Cemetery (Cont); Patrick County: Bluemont Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont; Allen Cemetery; Prince Edward County: Buffalo Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Madisonville Presbyterian Church Cemetery.; Oakes Cemetery; Weaver Cemetery; Douglas Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Olive Branch United Methodist Church Cemetery; Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont).; West View Cemetery (Cont); City of Newport News: Curtis Cemetery (Cont); Greenlawn Cemetery (Cont); St. Johns Episcopal Church Cemetery; Bedford County: Saunders Cemetery; Ayers Cemetery; Atkinson Cemetery; Bradley-Keister-Meador Cemetery; Community Cemetery; Gibbs Cemetery; Lloyd Cemetery; Pecks Baptist Church Cemetery; Motley Cemetery; Peters Cemetery; Preas Cemetery; Unnamed Cemetery; St. Clair Cemetery; Wheeler Cemetery; Jeters Chapel Cemetery (Cont; Walnut Grove Cemetery (Cont); St. Thomas Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont; Stiff Cemetery (Cont); Ferguson Cemetery (Cont; Beaver Dam Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Patmos United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Morgans Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Parish Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Stephens Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Hickory Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont).; Timber Ridge Church Cemetery (Cont); Goochland County: Mills Cemetery (Cont); York County: Phillips Cemetery #2; Hopkins-Cook-Smith Cemetery (Cont; Surry County: Berryman Grav; Oakwood Cemetery (Cont); Floyd County: Hawley Cemetery; Barnard Cemetery; Harter Cemetery (Cont); Reed Cemetery (Cont); Huffville Cemetery (Cont); Laurel Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Radford Cemetery (Cont); Pine Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Jacksonville Cemetery (Cont); Yorktown: Yorktown National Cemetery (Cont); Amherst County: Amherst Public Cemetery (Cont); Elon Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Hicks Cemetery (Cont); Centenary Burial Association (Cont); Oronoco Church of Brethren Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Tucker Cemetery (Cont); Keith Cemetery (Cont); Burford Cemetery (Cont); Buchanan County: Boyd Cemetery; Fairview Cemetery (Cont); Highland County: Fleming Cemetery; Gilmor Cemetery; Thompson Cemetery; Cumberland County: Farmview Cemetery; Clifton Cemetery; Northfield Cemetery; Old Fork Cemetery; Old Smith Place Cemetery; Confederate Cemetery (Cont); Northampton County: East End Cemetery; Red Bank Cemetery (Cont); Capeville Masonic Cemetery (Cont); M. W. Smith Cemetery (Cont); Henrico County: Confederate Graves; Orange County: Graves Cemetery (Cont); Maplewood Cemetery (Cont); Smyth County: Mt. Zion Church Cemetery (Cont); Old Bethel Cemetery (Cont); Pleasant Hill Cemetery (Cont; McClure Cemetery (Cont); Ebenezer Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Clairs Bottom Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); St. James Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); South Fork Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Craig County: Ruble Cemetery #2 (Cont); Brickney Cemetery (Cont); Bryan Cemetery; Huffman Memorial Park (Cont); Caldwell Cemetery (Cont); Sarver Cemetery (Cont); Ross Cemetery (Cont); Lee-Damewood Cemetery (Cont); Roanoke County: Speedwell Cemetery (Cont); Blue Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Denton Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (Cont); East Hill Cemetery (Cont); West Hill Cemetery (Cont); Mountain View Cemetery (Cont; Bell Cemetery (Cont); City of Roanoke: Fairview Cemetery (Cont; Church Hill Cemetery (Cont); Pulaski County: Highland Church Cemetery (Cont); Cecil Chapel Cemetery (Cont); Newbern Cemetery (Cont); Hickman Cemetery (Cont); Oakwood Cemetery (Cant); New Dublin Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Bland County: Bird Cemetery (Cont); Old Bethel Cemetery (Cont); Sharon Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Mechanicsburg Cemetery (Cont; City of Manassas: Manassas City Cemetery (Cont; Scott County: Dougherty Cemetery #1; Wolfe Cemetery (Cont); Good Cemetery (Cont); Ketron Cemetery (Cont); Giles County: Newport Community Cemetery (Cont); Clover Hollow Cemetery (Cont; Stinson Cemetery (Cont); Wesley Chapel Church Cemetery (Cont); Prince George County: Salem Methodist Church Cemetery; Martins Brandon Church Cemetery; Tazewell County: Burkes Garden Central Church Cemetery (Cont; Jones Chapel Cemetery (Cont); Smyth County: Round Hill Cemetery (Cont); King William County: Epworth Methodist Church Cemetery; Fox Cemetery; Sunny Side Cemetery (Cont); Sussex County: Waverly Cemetery (Cont); Woodville Plantation Grave; Harrison-Dillard Cemetery; Washington County: Sinking Spring Cemetery; East Hill Cemetery (Cont); Richmond County: St. Pauls Episcopal Church Cemetery; Rappahannock Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); James City County: James City Chapel Cemetery; Richardson Cemetery; Olive Branch Christian Church Cemetery (Cont); King and Queen County: Shepherds M. E. Church South Cemetery (Cont); Mattaponi Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Bath County: Jacob Cleek Cemetery (Cont); Essex County: Blake-Brockenbrough Cemetery; St. Johns Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Rappahannock County: Anderson Cemetery (Cont); Campbell County.: Alexander-Austin Cemetery; Sharon United Methodist Church Cemetery; Evington United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Kedron Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Madison County: Walkers Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Cedar Hill Cemetery (Cont); Rose Park Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Rochelle Christian Church Cemetery (Cont); Fluvanna County: Fluvanna Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Johnson Cemetery (Cont); Salem Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Page County: Judd Cemetery; J. Miller Cemetery (Cont); B. Sours Cemetery (Cont); Huffman Cemetery (Cont); Newport Church of Christ Cemetery (Cont); Keyser Cemetery (Cont); McAlister Cemetery (Cont); Green Hill Cemetery (Cont); Northumberland County: Dodson Cemetery (Cont); Spotsylvania County: DeJarnette Cemetery; Cemetery at LaVue (Cont); Massey Cemetery (Cont); Grayson County: Trimble Cemetery; Atkins Memorial Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Osborne Fort Cemetery (Cont); Ballard Cemetery (Cont); Haw Orchard Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Chesterfield County: Dance Cemetery; Jordan Cemetery; Mt. Gilead M. E. Church Cemetery; Mt. Hermon Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Skinquarter Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Caroline County: Steam Cemetery; Bernard-Robb Cemetery (Cont); Lakewood Cemetery (Cont); Shiloh Church Cemetery (Cont); Beazley Cemetery (Cont); Wythe County: Asbury Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Peters Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Keesling Cemetery (Cont); Kings Grove Cemetery (Cont); Hollandsworth Cemetery (Cont); Davis Cemetery #2 (Cont); Olive Branch Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Davis Cemetery #1 (Cont); East End Cemetery (Cont); Dinwiddie County.: Trinity Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Sturdivant Cemetery (Cont); Poplar Grove National Cemetery (Cont); Doyle Cemetery; Doyle Cemetery; Bass Cemetery; Rocky Run Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Cutback Baptist Church Cemetery; Leonard Cemetery; Manson Methodist Church Cemetery; Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Ocran Church Cemetery (Cont).; Butterwood Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Lee Cemetery; Campbell County: Hat Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Bibliography: Appendix: Index:

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MEN IN GRAY INTERMENTS, VOLUME XIX compiled by Thomas M. Spratt. 8˝x11. Continuation volume in the series described in volume 1 above. This volume contains the following cemeteries:
Foreword:FAIRFAX COUNTY: Andrews Chapel Cemetery (Cont); Pohick Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Fairfax City Cemetery (Cont); BEDFORD COUNTY: Witt Cemetery; Longwood Cemetery (Cont); WISE COUNTY: Whitt Cemetery; Riley Mullins Cemetery (Cont); Edwards Cemetery (Cont); LOUISA COUNTY: Oakland Cemetery; ALBEMARLE COUNTY: Scottsville Baptist Church Cemetery; CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Mill View Cemetery; POWHATAN COUNTY: Norwood Plantation Cemetery Petersville Church Cemetery; Genito Cemetery; Red Line Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Moriah Church Cemetery (Cont); RUSSELL COUNTY: Confederate Cemetery; Whitt Cemetery; ARLINGTON COUNTY: Arlington National Cemetery (Cont); Battle Abbey Mausoleum; CITY OF HAMPTON: St. Johns Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Hampton National Cemetery (Cont); Oakland Cemetery (Cont); SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY: Courtland Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Poplar Springs Cemetery (Cont); Stephenson Cemetery; Beale Cemetery (Cont); Riverside Cemetery (Cont); APPOMATTOX COUNTY: New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery; Pankey Cemetery; G. Abbitt Cemetery; O'Brien Cemetery (Cont); Ferguson Cemetery (Cont); Rocks Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); CITY OF NORFOLK:; St. Marys Catholic Church Cemetery (Cont); Eason Cemetery (Cont); Magnolia Cemetery (Cont); Cedar Grove Cemetery (Cont); Elmwood Cemetery (Cont); FREDERICK COUNTY: Old Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Olive Cemetery (Cont); Mountain View Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Carmel Cemetery (Cont); Greenhill Cemetery (Cont); Brucetown Methodist Church Cemetery; Fairview Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Pauls Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Gravel Springs Cemetery (Cont); CITY OF PETERSBURG: Blandford Cemetery (Cont); CITY OF RICHMOND: Hollywood Cemetery (Cont)[Hollywood Cemetery is the primary cemetery of this volume {pp.43-402}]; TOWN OF ASHLAND; Woodland Cemetery (Cont); Appendix; Tally of Known & Unknown; Bibliography; Index.

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MEN IN GRAY INTERMENTS, VOLUME XX compiled by Thomas M. Spratt. 8˝x11.435pp. Continuation volume in the series described in volume 1 above. This volume contains the following cemeteries:
City of Richmond; Hollywood Cemetery (Cont); Oakwood Cemetery (Cont):
* City of Staunton; Thornrose Cemetery (Cont):
* City of Alexandria; 1st Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Bethel Cemetery (Cont); Christ Church Episcopal Cemetery (Cont); Union WMSC Cemetery; Methodist Protestant Cemetery (Cont); Ivy Hill Cemetery (Cont); Episcopal Cemetery; St. Marys Roman Catholic Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Pauls Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont):
* Clarke County; Berryville Cemetery (Cont); Meade Memorial Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Berryville Methodist Church Graveyard (Cont); Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont):
* Culpeper County; Masonic Cemetery; Bickers Cemetery; Kirby Cemetery; Crigler Cemetery; Gourdvine Church Cemetery; Gaines Cemetery; Stevensburg Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Stevens Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Jeffersonton Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Fairview Cemetery (Cont):
* Frederick County; Greenhill Cemetery (Cont):
* City of Charlottesville; Fife Cemetery; Riverview Cemetery (Cont); University of Virginia Cemetery (Cont); Maplewood Cemetery (Cont); Oakwood Cemetery (Cont):
* City of Portsmouth; Oak Grove Cemetery (Cont); Portsmouth Naval Hospital Cemetery; Cedar Grove Cemetery (Cont):
* Charlotte County; Baldwin Cemetery; Whites Chapel Church; Centenary United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Cub Creek Church Cemetery (Cont); Salem Baptist Church Cemetery; Village Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Ash Camp Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont):
* Gloucester County; Smith Cemetery; Wiatt Cemetery; Abingdon Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Olive Branch Church Cemetery (Cont); Fary Cemetery (Cont); Singleton Church Cemetery (Cont); Newington Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Bellamy Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont):
* Pittsylvania County; James Cemetery #3; Bryant Cemetery; Concord Methodist Church Cemetery (Gont); Hopewell United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Rice Sisters Cemetery (Cont); Robertson Cemetery (Cont); Townes-Turner Cemetery (Cont); Jones Cemetery #1:
* Allegheny County; Confederate Graves; Cedar Hill Cemetery (Cont); Bowyer Cemetery (Cont); Mt. View Cemetery (Cont); Sharon Union Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Lone Star Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Fletcher Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Falling Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Mount Pleasant Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Crown Hill Cemetery (Cont):
* Accomack County; Baker Cemetery; Evans Cemetery; Mears Cemetery; Ocantree Cemetery; Walk Cemetery; Mt. Curtis Cemetery (Cont); Walker Cemetery (Cont); Parksley Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Holly Cemetery (Cont); Onancock Cemetery (Cont); Liberty Cemetery (Cont):
* Albemarle County; Carr Cemetery; Old Moore Graveyard; Mt. Moriah Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Hillsborough Baptist Church Cemetery (Cent); Scottsville Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Gentry Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Harris Cemetery (Cont); Holy Cross Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Thompson Cemetery (Cont); Cemetery At Monticello (Cent):
* Warren County; Miller Cemetery; Wapin-Hansborough Cemetery; Ninevah Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Buck Cemetery (Cont); Linden Church Hill Cemetery (Cont); Stokes Cemetery (Cont); Prospect Hill Cemetery (Cont):
* King George County; Dickerson Cemetery; Green Olive Cemetery; Grigsby Cemetery; Marders Cemetery; McDaniel-McDoniel Cemetery; Owens Cemetery; Rose Cemetery; Tayloe Cemetery; Garnett Cemetery; Hanover Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont):
* City of Salem; East Hill Cemetery (Cont):
* Montgomery County; Bruce Cemetery; J. Barnett Cemetery (Cent); Den Hill Road Cemetery (Cont); Cemetery At Smithfield (Cont); Cemetery At Fotheringay (Cont); D. Harless Cemetery (Cent); King Cemetery (Cent); Lafayette Cemetery (Cent); Caldwell Cemetery; Municipal Cemetery (Cont); Craig Cemetery (Cont); Sunset Cemetery (Cont); West View Cemetery (Cont); White Cemetery (Cont):
* Prince William County; Confederate Mass Grave; Godfrey Cemetery (Cont); Union Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Bellehaven Baptist Church Cemetery (Cent); St. Pauls Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Confederate Cemeteries (Cont); Groveton Confederate Cemetery (Cont); Bacon Race Church Cemetery (Cont):
* Isle of Wight County; Adams Cemetery; Bethany Church Cemetery; Channel! Cemetery; Holladay Cemetery; Munford Cemetery; Oakwood Cemetery; Evergreen Cemetery (Cont); Shiloh Cemetery (Cont); Antioch Church Cemetery; Collossee Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Ivy Hill Cemetery; Beaverdam Cemetery; Central Hill Baptist Church Cemetery; St. Lukes Church Cemetery; Mill Swamp Cemetery (Cont):
* Franklin County; Allen-Hale Cemetery; J. L. Brown Cemetery; Chaney-Hall-Wright Cemetery; Chestnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery; Endicott Community Cemetery; S. G. Lovell Cemetery; Meadows-James Cemetery; S. Renick Cemetery; 0. Richardson Cemetery; J. P. Sledd Cemetery; M. Waid Cemetery; Woody-Hodges Cemetery; Old Bethel Church Cemetery; W. P. Holland Cemetery; Price-Taylor Cemetery; J. Arthur Cemetery; W. D. Burwell Cemetery; Mattox Cemetery; J. E. McNeil Cemetery; Old Liberty Cemetery; Perdue Cemetery; Turner Cemetery; High Street Cemetery; Guilliams Cemetery:
* City of Lynchburg; St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Cemetery; Scott Cemetery (Cont); Spring Hill Cemetery (Cont); Presbyterian Cemetery (Cont); Lynchburg Old City Cemetery (Cont):
* Fairfax County; Accotink United Methodist Church Cemetery; Deavers & Tyler Cemetery; Chichester Cemetery; Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Pohick Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Cranford Memorial Methodist Church Cemetery (Cent):
* Halifax County; Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Asbury United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Boyd Cemetery (Cont); Clover Town Cemetery (Cont); Crystal Hill Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Crossroads Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Dan River Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Halifax Town Cemetery (Cont); Hunting Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Mulberry Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Oakland Cemetery (Cont); Rogers Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Union Cemetery (Cont); County Line Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Confederate Graves; Winns Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Johns Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Oak Level Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Pleasant Grove United Church of Christ Cemetery (Cont):
* Shenandoah County; Edinburg Cemetery (Cont); Union Church Cemetery (Cont); Patmos Lutheran Church Cemetery; St. James Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Riverview Cemetery (Cont); St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery (Cont); Lutheran Reformation Church Cemetery (Cont); Confederate Section--Massanutten Cemetery (Cont); Solomon Church Cemetery (Cont):
* Washington County; Aston Cemetery (Cont); Edge Hill Cemetery (Cont); Fleenor Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); A. Fleenor Cemetery (Cont); Friendship Cemetery (Cont); Hagy Cemetery (Cont); Kellys Chapel Church Cemetery (Cont); Zion Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Green Spring Cemetery (Cont); Bethel Cemetery (Cont); Mendota Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Olivet Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Old Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Rock Spring Cemetery (Cont); Scott Cemetery (Cont); Smith Cemetery (Cont); Tate Cemetery (Cont); Walnut Grove Cemetery (Cont); Clark Cemetery (Cont); Bristol Cemetery (Cont); Sinking Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Susong Cemetery (Cont); Smythe Chapel Church Cemetery (Cont):
* Fauquier County; Grace United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Fletcher Cemetery (Cont); Orlean Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Marshall Cemetery (Cont); Warrenton Cemetery (Cont); J. Hunton Cemetery (Cont):
* Botetourt County; Andrews Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Allen Cemetery (Cont); Eagle Rock Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Galatia Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Glade Creek Cemetery (Cont); Goodwin Cemetery (Cont); Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Shiloh Cemetery (Cont); Slicer-Godwin Cemetery (Cont); Watson Cemetery (Cont); Lithia Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Amsterdam Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Union Church Cemetery (Cont); Troutville Cemetery (Cont); Fairview Cemetery (Cont); Copps Cemetery (Cont); Mill Creek Cemetery (Cont); Haymakertown Cemetery (Cont):
* Hanover County; Blenheim-Winston Cemetery; Fork Church Cemetery (Cont); Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery; Still House Spring Cemetery (Cont); New Bethesda Baptist Church Cemetery; Tyler Cemetery; Thomas Cemetery (Cont); Walnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Gethsemane Church of Christ Cemetery (Cont); Enon Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Woodland Cemetery (Cont); Beaver Dam Cemetery (Cont):
* Amelia County; Archer Cemetery; Bell-Deaton Cemetery; Bishop Cemetery; Burton Cemetery; Evans-Williams Cemetery; Farley Cemetery; Farley Cemetery; Goose Island Cemetery; Jackson Cemetery; Jeter Cemetery; Jeter-Cadwell Cemetery; Liberty United Methodist Church Cemetery; Mattoax Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Unnamed Cemetery; Sandy Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Tabernacle Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Popular Hill Methodist Church Cemetery; Warriner Cemetery; Warriner-Bedser-Home Cemetery; Winn-Clark-Reeves Cemetery; Foster Cemetery; Richardson-Farley-Moble-Corson-Weatherford Cemetery; Mount Hope Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Jetersville Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Leigh-Pride-McMillian Cemetery; Moores Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Martin-Royal Cemetery; Jetersville Christian Church Cemetery; Grub Hill Cemetery (Cont); Southall Cemetery (Cont); Dun navant-Scott Cemetery; Union Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Amelia Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont):
* City of Suffolk; Babb Cemetery; Ivy Hill Cemetery; Holland Cemetery (Cont); Ames Cemetery (Cont); Old Episcopal Church Cemetery; Wesley Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Zion Christian Church Cemetery (Cent); Liberty Springs Christian Church Cemetery (Cont); Oakland Christian Church Cemetery (Cont); Cedar Hill Cemetery (Cont):
* Mathews County; Bassett Cemetery; Forest Cemetery; Banks Cemetery (Cont); Diggs Cemetery; Edwards Cemetery (Cont); Green Cemetery; Hatch Cemetery; Jarvis Cemetery; James Cemetery (Cent); Milford Cemetery (Cont); White Cemetery (Cent); Providence Cemetery (Cont); Morgan Cemetery (Cont); Haynes Cemetery (Cont); Brooks Cemetery (Cent); Diggs Cemetery (Cent); St. Pauls Cemetery (Cont); Williams Cemetery (Cont); Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cent); Pear Tree Cemetery (Cont); Minter-Pugh Cemetery; Hudgins Cemetery (Cont):
* Halifax County; S. A. Conner Cemetery; Old Cluster Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont):
* Loudoun County; Ashburn Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Catoctin Free Church Cemetery (Cent); Mt. Olivet Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Hope Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Old Tippet Cemetery (Cont); Salem Methodist Church Cemetery (Cent); Middleburg Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Hillsboro Union Memorial Cemetery (Cont); Belmont Chapel Cemetery (Cont); Ivy Hill Cemetery; St. James Cemetery (Cent); Catoctin Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Lakeview Cemetery (Cont); Harmony Methodist Church Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Zion Church Cemetery (Cont); Union Cemetery (Cent); Ebenezer Church Cemetery (Cont):
* Fauquier County; Upperville Cemetery (Cont):
* Buckingham County; William Bormours Cemetery; William Evans Cemetery; Trinity United Methodist Church Cemetery; Watson-Perrow Cemetery; Sprouse Cemetery; Swoope Cemetery; Spencer Cemetery; Miles Cemetery (Cont); Pleasant Toney Cemetery; Maysville Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); McCraw Cemetery; John Burks Cemetery; Jamerson-Newton Cemetery; Jacob Agee Cemetery; Harris Cemetery; Guthrie Cemetery; Griggs Cemetery; Glover Cemetery; Gilbert-Bagby Cemetery; R. H. Gilliam Cemetery; Dunevant Cemetery; Concord Baptist Church Cemetery; Claiborne Cemetery; Buckingham Community Cemetery (Cont); Boatwright Cemetery; Apperson Cemetery; Taylor Cemetery; Self Cemetery; Robertson Cemetery; Jones Cemetery; Snoddy-Bransford Cemetery; Garrett Cemetery; Ayres-Winfrey Cemetery; Bryant Cemetery (Cont); Woodland Methodist Church Cemetery; Trinity Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Thomas Stinson Cemetery; LeSueur-Call Cemetery; Jones Cemetery; Jamerson-Sharp Cemeter; Hamner Cemetery; Adcock-Deane Cemetery; Alvis-Booker-Coleman Cemetery; Wade Cemetery:
* City of Harrisonburg; Woodbine Cemetery (Cont):
* Rockingham County; Whitmer Cemetery (Cont); Trissels Mennonite Church Cemetery (Cont); Pleasant Grove EUB Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); St. PauIs Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); St. Jacobs Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Runion Cemetery (Cont); Rader Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery (Cont); Mabel Memorial Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Oak Lawn Cemetery (Cont); Oak Grove Cemetery (Cont); Mt Clinton Mennonite Church Cemetery (Cont); Moore Cemetery (Cont); Early Cemetery (Cont); Harrison Cemetery (Cont); Bank Mennonite Church Cemetery (Cont); Cromer Cemetery; Briery Branch Church of Brethren Cemetery; Port Republic Cemetery (Cont); Sellers Cemetery (Cont); Massanutten-Cross Keys Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Pleasant Brethren Church Cemetery (Cont); McGaheysville Cemetery (Cont); Greenmount Brethren Church Cemetery (Cont); Linville Cemetery; Garber Cemetery (Cont); Edom Methodist Church Cemetery; East Point Cemetery (Cont); Broadway Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Antioch United Church of Christ Cemetery (Cont); Port Republic Methodist Church Cemetery; Elk Run Cemetery (Cont); Beaver Creek Church of Brethren Cemetery (Cont); Dayton Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Olivet Cemetery (Cont); St. Michaels Reformed Church Cemetery; Mill Creek Church of Brethren Cemetery (Cont); Linville Creek Church of Brethren Cemetery (Cont); Keezletown Cemetery (Cont); Greenwood Cemetery (Cont); Crooks Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Horeb Cemetery (Cont); Singers Glen Cemetery (Cont); Mountain Valley Church Cemetery (Cont); Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery (Cont); Lacey Springs Cemetery (Cont):
* Rockbridge County; Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Ackerly Cemetery (Cont); Episcopal Church Cemetery (Cont); County Farm Cemetery; Bell Cemetery (Cont); Ford Cemetery (Cont); Lair Cemetery; Collierstown Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Ludwick Cemetery (Cont); Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Haines Chapel Cemetery (Cont); Little River Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); New Monmouth Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Lebanon Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Wesley Chapel Cemetery (Cont); Wilson Springs Cemetery; Walkerland Cemetery; Neriah Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Muse Cemetery; Stonewall Jackson Cemetery (Cont); McDowell Cemetery (Cont); Goshen Baptist Church Cemetery (Cont); Lee Crypt (Cont); D. Deacon Cemetery (Cont); Oxford Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Green Hill Cemetery (Cont); New Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Rockbridge Alum Springs Confederate Cemetery (Cont); Bethesda Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); High Bridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Falling Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cont); Mass Grave-VMI Campus; Fairfield Community Cemetery (Cont):
* Clarke County; Green Hill Cemetery (Cont); City of Winchester; Stonewall Cemetery (Cont):
* Appendices:
* Plat-Cedar Hill Cemetery-Suffolk;

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