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transcribed & edited by John Vogt. 2004, 8x10, xiv, 119 pages, index. (Paperback [$25.00]; printed on acid-free stock.)

The parish register which survives covers the years 1662, twelve years before the formation of Bruton Parish (these records are those of the earlier Middleton Parish) up past the American Revolution to the mid 1790s. It records life events for both the great men of society as well as artisans, children, servants, slaves, bastard children, and reflects a cross-section of the Williamsburg community during its heyday when it served as the capital of the colony. More than 3,400 entries list either births, baptisms, deaths, or burials. There are no marriage records.
The editor has provided a meticulous transcription of the register, using his training in colonial paleography to correct many of the previous mis-readings. A full index is included as well as an extensive introduction. This will provide valuable information for anyone with family in the York/James City/Williamsburg area during the eighteenth century.

To view a digital copy of the index to this book, visit Index-Bpvr
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[EBPVR] $18.00     (electronic version)
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[BPVR] $27.00     (printed version)

by John Vogt. 2013, 8x10, xv, 392 pages. Paperback($39.95; printed on acid-free stock).

Work was first begun on a comprehensive 1810 Virginia census by this transcriber in 2007. Academic training in both history and paleography gave an advantage in reading the most difficult manuscripts. The missing eighteen counties are included by a listing from the 1810 personal property tax lists for those counties, since the personal property tax falls more broadly across the county population than the land tax. With the completion of the final census on the Ides of March, 2013, work was begun to compile a complete census index. This volume completes this portion of the project. Not counting totally illegible names, of which there were several hundred, a total of 104,405 households were recorded for the state. Nota bene: No attempt has been made to alter the spelling as found on the original sheets. The only standardization in the index has been to reduce the myriad versions of “Senior” and “Junior” into a standard index version of “Sr.” And “Jr.”When using this index, the name as recorded in the original census is presented in last, first form, with the accompanying county code and the ORIGINAL folio number where the reference appears.
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[EVA10] $25.00     (electronic version)
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[VA10] $41.95     (printed version)
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